The Great Pants Experiment of 2013

I’m about to pack away all the winter clothes for the season, which reminded me that I was thinking of doing a quick blog post on how my boys pants experiment of 2013-2014 went, in case anyone cares? Probably no one does, but whatever. IT’S MY BLOG I DO WHAT I WANT.

So for Eli’s first year of school (Kindergarten) I bought most of his school clothes at Target.  Not on purpose, really, just because they were there and they were cheap and it was really easy to throw a couple of pairs of khakis in the cart when we needed milk and he was running low on pants.  However, none of the pants I bought there made it all the way through the school year.  ALL the jeans had holes in the knees and both pair of khakis ripped right in half at  the seams.  So when he started first grade I thought I’d see if it made any difference if I looked for slightly better school clothes.  I had no idea if $25 jeans were any better than $14 jeans but I figured it was worth a shot, especially since once you’re past wearing a 5T at Target Shawn White ruins your life and all the clothes are terrible.

So  here’s all the stuff I bought and how it fared.  Spoiler alert: The experiment was a success.  Nothing but the finest in pants for all of us from here on out! And by the finest in pants I mean pants from the Gap on sale.


These jeans are from Crewcuts, I think I paid $22 each.  (You have to keep your eyes out for them to go on sale.) You can see there’s some slight wear at the knees, but nothing terrible, and it’s much less obvious when they’re being worn. I could absolutely hand these down.


These are Gap Cargo pants and Gap khakis.  The cargo pants were around $34.95 but I am sure I used a huge discount code on them.  They wore like IRON.  I could probably even resell them, except that they use the dreaded dry erase markers in school, and fun fact, dry erase markers don’t wash out of clothing! Grrrrrr.  The khakis also wore fine. I don’t know that I’d buy such a bright color again because I found them hard to match, but maybe I’ll keep them out for the summer and make him wear them rolled up with flip flops and a fun t shirt.


These are pair of embroidered pants from Janie and Jack ($no idea, but certainly overpriced) and some Levis khaki jean type thing ($19) I threw in the cart on a whim at Target.  The embroidered pants are a little tattered at the bottom, but Eli literally wore these for YEARS and there’s no other signs of wear.  The Levis also wore well although the color means they are a bit stained in the knee.



These are Lands’ End Iron Knee Jeans. I think they were around $20 on sale.  They actually have patches on the inside of the jeans, which the Crewcuts jeans do not.  You can see some VERY slight wear in the knee area, but again, not when they’re on, and I could absolutely hand these down.  Supposedly if they do get holes in the knees they will replace them for free, but we didn’t have that issue so I can’t comment on that.

I also bought tshirts/sweaters/dress shirts at various places, obviously,  but I thought that would get a bit much for this post.  Suffice it to say my favorite t shirts were from the Gap, my favorite polo shirts are still Target, the only thing I will buy from Old Navy are dressy cotton shirts, and I liked the sweaters from J. Crew better than any of the ones from the Gap, although I got a few rare decent ones from Target that I also liked.

Hit me up with any questions! Happy shopping!


Books I Read: March 2014

Thank you for all the lovely comments and emails and tweets on my last post.  I really appreciate it.

(And I closed comments on it simply because all my comments close automatically after five days, otherwise every “What I Wore” post ends up getting three or four late comments from people I have never heard of telling me they hate my shoes or my dress is too short.  I assume this is due to Google or else just because people are awesome.)

Anyway, here’s what I read this month, although it’s not much because mostly what I did this month was watch Veronica Mars.  It ruled.

20. Will I Ever Be Good Enough? Healing the Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers

will I ever be good enough

Let’s maybe not go into why this was recommended to me right this minute, and just say that I found this book very helpful. It was a quick read and I had several “light bulb” moments both while reading it and afterwards. Recommend.

BTW, I have a HUGE stack of self help books that I’ve bought or checked out from the  library and I have been having a really hard time getting around to reading them.  My normal reading time doesn’t lend itself to tomes about damaged families.  However I used to go to therapy once a week and now I am only going every two weeks, so on the  non therapy weeks I still leave the house at 5:15, but I just take a self help book and go to a coffee shop or Panera.  It’s like therapy, and it gets me out of the house, and I get time to read my self helpy hoo ha, but it’s free! Ish.  Also recommend.

21.  Claire of the Sea Light

claire of the sea light

Intellectually I can recognize that this book was really beautifully written, but unfortunately it was also really boring.

22.  One Tiny Lie

one tiny lie

As smutty books go, this one was better than average.  Oh, I’m sorry, I think I’m supposed to be calling this genre “new adult” now. Klassy.

23.  The Summer I Found You

the summer I Found you

I think it’s important to note that at no point do any events in this book take place in the summer.  There are no scenes set in summer, no one is named summer, there’s no themes having to do with summer.  Literally no summer whatsoever. Also the main characters name is spelled at least two different ways throughout the book, possibly three.  I guess “The Spring I Found You” doesn’t have quite the same ring to it, but come on, man.  Slap an umbrella on that cover and spell check your characters name.

24.  Panic


I REALLY liked Before I Fall, although I didn’t care for the whole Delirium/Pandemonium/Harmonium/Condominium series.  Panic was good though.  It was pretty YA and awfully predictable BUT I still enjoyed it.  It was my favorite book of the monthium.

Also, apropos of nothing, Erik pointed out that this cover looks like an attempt at a hip redesign of boxed hair dye, and now I can’t unsee it.

25. I Feel Bad About My Neck

i feel bad about my neck

Nora Ephron is my spirit animal, and this book 1. Made me laugh 2. Made me watch When Harry Met Sally for the billionth time and 3. cost me approximately twelve thousand dollars in face cream.

26. Ten Tiny Breaths

ten tiny breaths

This comes before Smutty Book Number 22 in the series, but this one was not as good, imho.  That or I grew tired of the Tried and True Smutty Book Formula by the time I read it, because apparently you can only read so much of “she’s a virgin or basically a virgin because that one time she did do it, it wasn’t that good and also kind of an accident, but then she meets a bad boy but he’s not actually bad just SUPER hot and rides a motorcycle and then there’s some kind of super stupid misunderstanding about how one of them did something that no person on earth would ever actually be mad at someone for doing like being in the car when his drunk sister drove and then they take 200 pages to work out what a stupid reason that is not to make out with each other.”  I like to read about girls kissing boys but I grow weary of these shenanigans.

27.  Best Kind of Broken

best kind of broken

See “Tired of Smutty Book Formula”. Sorry, New Adult.  Except it’s actually completely The Same Old Adult.


The List

So. It’s been almost exactly 18 months since the shit first hit the fan.

I am not sure that I’ve ever talked, here, about exactly how bad it was, mostly because I couldn’t talk about it while I was living through it and then because when things would improve I needed to not think about how bad they had been.  But that was legitimately the hardest thing I’ve ever done, the worst thing I’ve ever lived through, and I know that makes me lucky, but I am also here to tell you that if it were not for my children, if it were not for the fact that I KNOW that my Eli needs me, if it were not for the fact that I would never do that to my children, I wouldn’t be here today.  My children were my tether to the earth, and the only thing worse than the feeling of wanting it all to end was knowing that I would have to continue on in the hell of my existence forever, and visualizing, every day, turning, accidentally, into traffic, so that it would all end anyway and it wouldn’t be my fault.

I never understood what The Bloggess meant when she said “depression lies” and then I said it every day, every hour, every second, like a mantra.  It got me through.

And then it got better.  It started to get better. I found a wonderful doctor, who made me go back on anti depressants when my idea to just white knuckle it through on my own turned out to be a super bad one, and he made me go to therapy when anti depressants turned out to not be enough on their own.  And I found a great therapist. I’ve been going to therapy for about nine months and I went from slow breathing so I wouldn’t vomit on my way in the door to feeling like I have one more person who is really really on my side, rooting for me hard.

And don’t get me wrong.  She has a lot of company.  While I don’t recommend depression and anxiety and total mental breakdowns as marriage enhancements, per se, I do recommend having Erik by your side if you have one, because I never doubted for one minute that he was right there, doing his part of the old “in sickness” bit day in and day out.  He worked a full day and then came home and did EVERYTHING for a year, I’d say.  He was the most exceptional human.  He IS the most exceptional human.  And my BFF Sara drove for hours and took my children back to her house for FIVE days at a moment’s notice, and then drove for hours again and brought them home, and Maggie Cheung came and sat with Katie in my backyard while I slept off a bad medication hangover, and it was supposed to be her VACATION.  And Jennie and Kristie and Emily propped me up through at least one and a half Blatherings, and Christina emailed me every day to see how it was going, and Amy sent me text messages and listened and understood and now I’m worried that I am leaving someone out because my friends are extraordinary, my in laws took Eli for practically an entire summer and my mother paid for therapy when I couldn’t afford it and my insurance wouldn’t cover it and Caitlin threw me a Justin Bieber birthday party and I canceled on Elisabeth and Sarah a million times and my neighbors were my village and the internet sent me care packages and gift cards and postcards and notes and I waded through a river of shit, but I was not alone.  I was never alone.

Everyone said that eighteen months was when things would really start to get better, and I couldn’t even think about that because 18 months of the worst experience of my life sounded like something I just could not do, but just as with all the other things I knew I couldn’t do, one day at a time, one foot in the front of the other, one frozen pizza at a time, I did it, and here we are.  And I wasn’t even counting, I haven’t been counting at all, but just the other day I realized that I was finally starting to feel like myself again, and I took a quick minute to tick months off on my fingers (what am I, a mathlete?) and sure enough, here we are. 18.

I still have lots of anxiety.  I still am working so hard on so many things, but one of the things I am doing in therapy, which is really not a big deal, is reworking my entire values system, because the one I learned as a child was all kinds of screwed up.  That shouldn’t be too hard, to learn a whole new way of thinking, right?

I hesitate, a bit, to write about this here, because it makes me sound like a tremendous asshole, and I don’t think I am a tremendous asshole, just someone who had the wool pulled over her eyes about life by someone for some formative years.  Because while it turns out that hopefully, I am not a tremendous asshole, I do have some very very flawed ideas about what makes a good person.

Last week, my therapist told me: “Lots of people with good taste are AWFUL people.” and I DISAGREED WITH HER.  I disagreed with her, in fancy roundabout ways, for almost an entire overpriced 50 minute session, and she said it over and over again, and finally a light bulb went off with that one simple sentence that is actually SO EFFING TRUE, and then I spent the next week with a list running through my head of what things, what actual things, make me a good person, and the list, unfortunately, was very short.

I think I am a good friend.  I try hard to be a good friend.  And if you get sick or have a baby I will make you several grocery bags full of food, and I will bring you wine and cookies AND home made bread.  But that’s about all I’ve got, and that? That’s just not how I want to live my life.  That’s not the sum total of what I want on the list at the end of the day.

And I cycled through a lot of other things.  Things most of you would scoff at.  I searched for good in a long list of really stupid things.  I have well dressed children. I am smart, I am funny, I read The New Yorker. I am dressed better than 80% of the other moms at school 80% of the time.  I have an expensive purse and Frye boots! I have an Iphone! People tell me all the time I have great hair on Instagram!  I think I’m a good writer.  Our Christmas card was so cute! I read 150 books a year! I am beating everyone in the world who only read 149 books! I WIN AT THAT! I picked a perfect paint color for the dining room! People have pinned shit I have made on Pinterest! LOTS OF TIMES! I HAVE EXCELLENT TASTE.

And none of that shit goes on the good person list.  None of that actually counts, when it comes to that list.

The good news is, I have big dreams.  When it comes to things I care about, when it comes to ways I would like to work to make the world a better place? That list is long.  (Childhood hunger, women’s reproductive rights, gun control, the right for every person to get married to whoever they want to get to married to, the Democratic party, literacy, my kids school, outlawing the playing of “Manic Monday” on the radio on any day but Monday, you get the idea.)

But the list of things I am actually doing? It is SHORT.  It is almost nothing.

The bad news is that I am also working on lots of other things, and one of those things is to be careful not to do too much, and the other things are just totally simple things like mourning the childhood I wanted but didn’t get, rewriting my inner voice, learning to be selfish and also unselfish, more effective parenting of my high maintenance child, more communication and emotional intimacy in my marriage, learning to establish healthy boundaries instead of letting people walk all over me and then getting mad at them behind their backs, letting go of perfectionism, getting more cardio, failing to lose ten pounds, finally going to the dentist and the eye doctor and the gynecologist, working on my social anxiety, doing more self care, and buying more shoes. (I made that last one up, maybe.)

But here is the thing.  In the last six months or so, every single time I have stopped at a red light by a homeless person standing in the intersection or by the side of the road, and I have averted my eyes until I could start driving again? Well.  I can remember every one of those moments like they happened this morning.  I HATE those moments.  I HATE THEM. I am not saying this to brag, but because I am ashamed, because those moments are burned on my soul, and yet, I have done nothing.  Nothing.

But words without sacrifice? They are just words.  And so I am going to do something.  I am going to take some of the money I would normally spend on crap at Target or blush or more dresses I don’t need and I am going to buy some socks and some toothpaste and some energy bars and anything that anyone else would like to suggest in the comments, and I am going to make six bags of stuff and I am going to keep them in my car, and I am not going to Instagram it, I am not going to write about it again, I am not going to tweet about how great it makes me, I am not going to tell anyone about it, but the next time I see someone down on their luck, standing there needing help, holding a sign, I am going to hand them a bag, and then in my head I am going to write one more thing on that list of “Good Things I Do”, and while I thank you from the bottom of my cold black heart for telling me I have pretty hair on Instagram, I am hopeful that someday I could shave my head, and I would still have a long long list of things that make me a good person, almost all of them totally non hair related.

Here’s to the next 18 months, internet. And thank you.

What I Wore Last Week: Friday Got Away From Me, Ok?


An oldie but a goodie. Have I mentioned how much I love this cardigan? Get thee to Target and buy one.

{Loft skirt (thrifted), Old Navy Vintage Tee which I had to throw out because it reached a state of disgusting pillage, Toms Prison Wedges, eye bags/general exhaustion face courtesy of my children}


I am so proud of myself for all the mileage I’ve gotten out of both this short sleeved sweater, because I normally have a hard time with those, and this blouse, because I am not a natural at blousage.  Loved this outfit, although I did get hot.  Almost time to pack up the blazers for the summer.

{Gap herringbone blazer, Loft blouse, Banana Republic Outlet Sweater, Banana Republic Outlet Crops, Franco Sarto Leopard Wedges}




This is the first of my new things for summer and I loooooove this Gap maxi dress. I do have to wear a tank under it, but still, it’s basically pajamas, so I’m a fan.  It runs super huge, though, mine is a Medium Petite and I normally wear a 12. They’re having 40% off now so you should buy it.  Unless you hate sexy pajamas. Mine is also a tidge long but I enjoy that vibe. If you’re short and you don’t do the whole maxi dress dragging on the ground sweeping up small children in its wake thing you might need to get it hemmed.

Also, this necklace is amazing, I got mine on Ebay here, and I adooooore it.

Also I spent two years trying to figure out how to wear this cardigan and then I DIDN’T BUTTON IT AND WHAT DO YOU KNOW.

{Gap Twist Back Maxi Dress, AE tank, Ebay howlite necklace, Target cardigan, Havaianas}


Seriously, the only thing I had to do this whole time with all these cardigans I couldn’t make work was to not button them? Jesus.

{Target cardigan, AE tank, J. Crew dress, Franco Sarto Wedges}



I love this! Favorite outfit of the week.

{Banana Republic Outlet dress, Target scarf, Target cardigan, Toms Prison Wedges}

What I Wore This Week: Or Whatever

Whew. I had a lot of pictures saved up. I shall try to be brief.

Also, I apologize for the lack of links, but I haven’t been buying a lot of new clothes, so much of what I am doing now is just trying to make the things I already own work in different combinations.  Maybe still interesting to see, hopefully? But not so shoppable as before.


I’m about to wear these jeans a lot. Prepare yourself.

This sweater was an impulse buy at Target awhile ago (they still have it on stock though) and I really love it.  I’ve started to really feel the whole gray situation.

{Target sweater, Forever 21 necklace, AE Artist Crops, J. Crew Kiki Ballet Flats}


Best dress ever.  Seriously, it’s like wearing a giant super flattering sweatshirt.

{Lands End Canvas Dress, Target infinity scarf, Leggings of an unknown provenance, Doc Martens}


It’s started to seem like we’re not gonna get a whole lot of winter and maybe even spring so I wanted to wear this jacket while I still could, since it’s one of my favorites.

{Target jacket, AE Hi Rise Super Skinnies, Scarf was a gift from my lovely MIL, Havaianas}


I loved the pearls with the moto jacket and the stripes.

{Forever 21 Moto Jacket, Forever 21 Clustered Pearl Necklace, Loft tee, AE Hi Rise Super Skinnies, Anne Klein boots}


Ever since I polished these boots they’re like a whole new pair! Who knew!? (I knew, I’m just lazy about boring tasks like shoe polishing.)  I’m also wearing a tassel necklace UNDER the jacket and that’s how you know I’m on the cutting edge of the fashion world.

{Target Jacket, AE Hi Rise Super Skinnies, Bandolino Boots}


Man, the one thing I think they actually do well at Old Navy are blouses, except I want to call them something else because blouse is such an old lady word, so I guess…floaty shirts? They’re not quite Anthro caliber but they are far less shoddy than most of the rest of their clothes. I really love this one a lot.  Also, I get more compliments on these sandals than any other shoes I own, for the record.

{Old Navy floaty shirt, Gap ribbed tank, Target necklace, Loft Curvy Skinny Cords, Target sandals}


And then I discovered the open cardigan and my life was forever changed.

Seriously, I just thought I couldn’t wear these because I had this strange idea that if they didn’t close, I’d look like I was…bursting out of them, or something? But these cardigans are THE BEST!!!! So flattering and easy and comfy and they cover all the worst bits and show your cute tank and you don’t have to worry about button gappage over the lady bazzers and they are just WONDERFUL and now I need ten thousand.  This is my first but I plan to buy A LOT.

{Target cardigan, Garnet Hill tank, AE Artist Crops, Kork Ease Wedges}


Merrick had a very helpful tutorial on how to wear a giant scarf, which was perfect because I don’t like a lot of scarf tail flappering all over myself.  I thought this was so cute and polished! I am a fan. Although it was also informative as to whether I should cut my hair into a stacked bob.  Verdict: HELL NO.

{Gap scarf, Loft sweater, AE Artist Crops, J. Crew Kiki Ballet Flats}


I have had this sweater FOREVER because they minute I saw it I had to have it, and I paid a ridiculous price for it and then I could never figure out how to wear it, and then I searched under “black and white cardigans” on Pinterest and realized I could wear it UNZIPPED and a world of possibilities was born! I am a fashion genius, guys.  But seriously look at the stripes and the bows and the zipper of a different color. Love!

{Downeast Basics Sweater, JC Penney Joe Fresh Tank, AE Artist Crops Seriously I Need to Buy Some Other Jeans, Target sandals}

Spring Things

It’s almost spring time! At least around here. (Sorry, Minnesota.) And a young (ish) girl’s fancy turns towards buying things. Seriously, I want to buy all the things.  Or more specifically all these things:

1. This Gap Twist Back Maxi Dress which I already bought and which will be here in 7-10 business days, so never, essentially.  Reviews are dubious, but it could be so great that I figured I’d try. But seriously, just imagine throwing this over a tank top every single day this summer. BAM. 

gap dress

2. I’m always in search of more flowy shirts, I really like this Anthropologie one although the reviews are mixed. 

anthro top

3. Last summer I was desperate for a long stretchy strapless dress I could lounge around my backyard in, this Old Navy one looks like it will fit the bill nicely and it also turns into a skirt, so bonus.  I wish it came in a crazy bright fun print, but alack, I shall have to settle for black. 

maxi tube dress

4. Speaking of skirts, I need a casual peasanty knee length white skirt. If anyone sees one, holler.  I had to throw out the last one I had because Erik claimed you could see the full Britney through it, even thought I was wearing underwear.  I think sandals plus a cute little white skirt plus a navy polo plus big sunglasses is the ideal summer outfit. Minus the Britney. 

5. I am also looking for a sort of asymetrical gray striped maxi skirt, but I have a really specific picture of it in my head which means I’ll probably never find it. 

6. I think this will be the summer I buy some aviators, but I’m going to start with really cheap ones to see if I actually like them or if I just like Tami Taylor. 


7. I am always in the market for more sandals that don’t have a strap between your toes.  Forever 21 has a ton I really like, although I’ve never bought any shoes there and I’m not sure about the quality.  There’s cheap sandals and then there’s unwearably cheap sandals. 

forever 21 sling backs navy sandal

8. I also want to buy a new pair of Havaianas.  Metallic maybe


9. I am dying for an emerald green dress. With big sunglasses and a denim jacket and some gold sandals? Perfection. Where to get this? Maybe Boden? Although that looks a little too structured for summer.  

boden dress

10. I’m also in the market for a really distinctive/super cute jacket – I have a ton of blazers, but none of them have that SHAZAM that I have in mind. I looked at Anthro to no avail, but maybe they’ll get some new cute spring stuff in. Right now it’s dudsville. 

11.  And I still need a great white tee.  I think I might finally give the one from Everlane a try


12. For summer makeup, I want some new blush, specifically the Tarte Natural Beauty one that I’ve had my eye on for ages, some bronzer…maybe Tarte Park Avenue Princess, and maybe some more crazy glitter eyeliner, because after I figured out that you have to SHAKE the Stila Glitter eyeliner, I am now IN LOVE.  Obviously I will spend many quality hours in Sephora poking at things and cadging free samples, but this is what I’ve got my eye on. 

tarte nat beauty park avenue princessstila glitter

13. I saw this Ponte Shift Lands End dress the other day and while I’ve been avoiding Lands’ End due to some less than favorable customer service issues and a general Air De Frumpsville, I really like it. It could be schlumpy, but the floral one is cute so I figure it’s worth a shot. I don’t know, now that I look at closer I sort of hate it. 

ponte shift dress

14. I also seem to be moving away from the plastic glittery fake J. Crew rhinestone jewelry vibe and towards something a bit more organic. I don’t want to go too far in the hippie direction, but I’d like stuff that’s a bit more natural looking and a little more special. I’m not totally sure where to find this stuff because Etsy is so overwhelming and non returnable and you can’t see it before you buy it and if I’m going to pay $40 for a necklace I want to see it first.  So that remains a conundrum to be solved.  31 Bits has potential but there was nothing there at this time that screamed “YOU MUST BUY ME NOW” so we’ll see.  Perhaps I’ll start frequenting small exclusive boutiques in Marrakesh.  

15. Didja know I went to Palm Springs? Well I did and it was wonderful and I did not bring my children and I sat by the pool for six days and drank fruity beverages oh my god I want to go back.  Anyway, someone at the pool in Palm Springs (TAKE ME BACK) was wearing a cloche straw hat with a ribbon sash, and it looked very cute with braids and a swim suit (and a giant diamond but whatever). It will probably make me look like Blossom, I want it anyway. Last year they had them at Target so I am hopeful they will make a repeat appearance. 

16. Also, you might not believe me, but I need more striped t shirts.  I’m a blogger. I can’t have too many.  Please alert if you find a good one. 

17. I keep thinking of more things! Anyway. I FINALLY bought a pair of ballet flats that I don’t hate! They’re the Kiki Ballet Flat from J. Crew, and they have a tidge of a heel and a hard sole, so they don’t have that mushy slash flat situation that most ballet flats have that make me feel stumpy legged.  Now I’ve got a hankerin’ for a pair of aqua ones. Doesn’t that sound so beautiful and summery? These Frye ones are a little “I’m wearing these to Sundance” but they’re close. 





What I Read This Month: February 2014

14. Lost and Found


I have to make a teeny little embarrassing confession which does not cast me in the best of light, which is that I put off reading this book because as we all know, I hate everything, and I was worried I wouldn’t like it even though I really like Shalini and then we would have awkward times. You can see I have a lot of faith in my friends.  P.S. It’s just great knowing me.

The good news for all of us is that I really really liked this book.  Is it perfect? No, but I enjoyed it more than most things I have read for quite some time, and I thought it was fun and I loved Oliver and I loved Delaney and I loved her friends.  Highly entertaining.  Am a fan.

15. Knight School

knight school

Oh, god, this was just stupid, but at the same time? I can’t lie, it was entertaining. It was probably 50-100 pages too long and it ended in a very annoying cliffhanger, but it was perfectly serviceable vacation reading.  Although I did tell Erik “This book is so stupid” about a hundred times while I was reading it. And every time I told someone the title or the plot premise, we all laughed our asses off.  Also, if you want to read a book about school wars and you haven’t read either Jellicoe Road or The Chocolate Wars, don’t be wasting your time on Knight School.

16. Midwinter Blood


Oh god,  this won the Printz Award. All hope is lost.

17. Thank You For Your Service

thank you for your service

This was amazing.  Amazing. With the caveat that if reading really depressing things about people with anxiety and major life stresses makes you anxious, maybe don’t read this one.  But seriously, I generally don’t with the non fiction and I loved this. I agree with every rave review I’ve read of this so far.

18. Maggot Moon

maggot moon

I kind of liked this book? I think I did. It was very odd, but I liked it. Although it reminded me of that tiger book, um, Life of Pi? Where I thought I was supposed to be getting something very obvious that certainly everyone else gets but that I so did not get.

19. The Obvious Game

the obvious game

Meh. Speaking of obvious, this was obviously…not that great.

Why I have I shoddily read only 19 books so far this year? I blame my wretched children and the internet.


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