To Sheila

I just watched Rob and Amber’s wedding on CBS. The reception was ok, but the ceremony was laaame and the first dance was trumpets and synthesizers for god’s sake. Mr. E commented that if either of us was the type of person who would have a trumpet or a synthesizer played at our wedding, we wouldn’t be married to each other. So true, so true. Our first dance was one of my favorite moments of our wedding. I’d hyped it up as this big huge moment in my mind. I was looking forward to this as the most romantic event of my life. Other little girls dream about their wedding, I dreamt only of our first dance. I agonized over what song we’d use for MONTHS. Even after we finally picked this Smashing Pumpkins song that we thought was called “You Make Me Real” I still stressed. Honestly, it would have been a boring letdown, except for the fact that apparently the song we chose is not, in fact, entitled ‘You Make Me Real”. As Mr. E told me, right in the middle of our first dance, it’s actually called ‘To Sheila.” Awesome.

Oatey Update

How come it took me 28 years to figure out I don’t need to buy packets of gross, bad for me instant oatmeal,but instead can bring a baggie of regular oatmeal to work and microwave it in a bowl with water for 3 minutes? It’s cheaper, better for you, and better tasting. And I can add stuff of own.

In other news, will I ever get my period? It remains to be seen.

What’s up with you?

I hate grant writing season.

I did just buy a very cute striped! shirt on sale at J Crew.

I have decided the entire problem with getting dressed in the morning and my wardrobe is that none of it matches. If I had any sense, I would never buy anything that wasn’t white, blue, black, or gray, and then it would all match. I really just need someone to come look at my closet and tell me, ok, you can wear this with that. T shirt and khakis, I could handle that. Now that I am expected to dress like a grown up at work, I am floundering. But the stripes, I cannot resist.

On a positive note, I just felt an arm muscle. It vanished shortly after appearing, but it was there! I swear it was!


I just heard a rumor that the former Ms. Teen Nebraska is coming to work in my office.
Needless to say, I am very excited. I’ve never met a Ms. Teen from anywhere before. Somehow this is just the kind of thing that happens in Nebraska. There are eight cows for every person. There’s not a lot of people, and there are a lot of cows. This is the kind of town where we take our dog for a walk and people ask if she’s one of the dogs from the humane society (the answer is yes). On the other hand from what I hear half the kids in the state could make meth in a bucket at recess. In a way it’s like the town from the Music Man and in other ways, well, it’s not. However until a traveling salesman comes to town and tries to sign me up for a boys band, the former Ms. Teen Nebraska is the most excitement I’ve seen in quite some time.

Another Favorite

When I am with you,
we stay up all night.
When you’re not here,
I can’t go to sleep.
Praise God for these two insomnias!
And the difference between them.

The minute I heard my first love story
I started looking for you,
not knowinghow blind that was.
Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere.
They’re in each other all along.
We are the mirror as well as the face in it.
We are tasting the taste this minute of eternity.
We are pain and what cures pain, both.
We arethe sweet cold water
and the jar that pours.
I want to hold you close like a lute,
so we can cry out with loving.

You would rather throw stones at a mirror?
I am your mirror,
and here are the stones.

–The Essential Rumi, translated by Coleman Barks

Confidential to Mr. Fidget in my office:

You are annoying.
Cut it out.

All By Myself

Mr. E is out of town, which means I am having some quality alone time. I am all about quality alone time, btw. I can do all kinds of crazy organzing projects, iron stuff that no self respecting man thinks you should iron, talk on the phone for hours, eat Ragu and fake parmesan cheese on EVERYTHING, and when I clean something, it stays clean. Although now that Princess Midnite has come along, that last one might not hold true.

So far I’ve organized my craft shelves, made muffins, made an awesome chicken salad, mowed the rest of the lawn, taken out the trash, swept the floors, tanned, and not taken a shower for days. Awesome.

In closing, I would like to add that The Sun Never Sets on a Legend. That’s code for yes, I will be watching that crappy CBS movie on Elvis while shoveling pasta in my mouth.

Sea Quote

“I really don’t know why it is that all of us are so committed to the sea, except I think it’s because in addition to the fact that the sea changes, and the light changes, and ships change, it’s because we all came from the sea. And it is an interesting biological fact that all of us have in our veins the exact same percentage of salt in our blood that exists in the ocean, and, therefore, we have salt in our blood, our sweat, and in our tears. We are tied to the ocean. And when we go back to the sea, whether it is to sail or to watch it, we are going back from whence we came.”
President John F. Kennedy, Australian Ambassador’s Dinner for the America’s Cup Crews, September 14, 1962, Newport, R.I.