Forever and Ever, Amen

I just ate chinese buffet for lunch. To which I can only say “blech.” I don’t consider it a fuck up, because I only had one plateful, and most of it was veggies, and I ate clean all morning and will all afternoon, and will eat a low points dinner, AND run five miles. And I didn’t eat my egg roll because it was gross, etc.
AND it was a work thing that I simply could not get out of. And honestly, I can’t do any diet or lifestyle where I can’t eat at certain places everyone once in a awhile. Sometimes the chinese buffet is unavoidable and you have to use your mojo on it and not eat all of your egg roll.
But at the same time, I know it wasn’t healthy, at all, and that sucks.

This weekend Mr. E was talking to his mom and she started to tell him her latest diet fad, which is to not eat any refined sugar or flour.
And Mr. E (good for him!) actually said “Mom, not to be mean, but that isn’t going to work!” And she asked why not and he said “because the only thing that works is eating less and exercising more.”

But it got me thinking. The real Number 1 diet secret ever? The real reason why the “no sugar” diet never works? And I really believe this. Before you start anything, ask yourself “Could I do this for the rest of my life?” If the answer is no, then it’s not going to work! It might work temporarily, but it won’t work forever. That’s why so many Atkins or South Beach Diet people fail in the long run. You can’t do something so extreme permanently.

So yes, I ate at the Chinese buffet, but NOT eating at the Chinese Buffet isn’t something I could do for the rest of my life. It’s not realistic.

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