The Birth Story is in progress, but please note I have had headaches for which I took more pain medication. Until then enjoy this update in list form

-Have lost 20 pounds in nine days!!! Diet of chocolate and constant breastfeeding appears to be magic diet. Must work on marketing strategy and become millionaire. When not breastfeeding.

-Have already compromised all previously held morals as only place to buy preemie clothes in town is at Walmart. (please note: Child is not preemie, only preemie sized).

-Am forced to threaten Mr. Baby daily with ice cube hands and a lifetime of girls clothes from Walmart as Mr. Baby would rather poop than eat. Clearly takes after father.

-Will retrieve non maternity clothes from garage later today. Expect imminent emotional breakdown.

-Am strangely intrigued by that movie The Queen after having watched last half hour of Academy Awards. Am clearly huge loser.

-Child’s umbilical cord just fell off. Is clearly genius.

-Thank you to all for congratulations and well wishes. Am feeling very very very lucky.

Welcome to the World, Baby Boy

Eli Green_w00d Ekd@hl
born February 17, 2007
5.6 pounds, 19 inches long

Everything is Fine

We had the non stress test and Thor performed beautifully…after looking at his heart rate and movement and various other printouts my doctor said everything looked great, and we’re just going to have a small baby. Last night after the doctor’s appointment I felt about ten thousand times better than I did the night before. We still have to have non stress tests twice a week as a precaution but it looks like other than that, now we just wait for the little stinker to decide when he wants to arrive. The doctor said it could be anytime now!

No Good Way

I tried to think of a fancy way or a nice story to tell this but there really isn’t one. We had an ultrasound on Tuesday and the baby is measuring small for his gestational age, particularly in the abdomen, which is how they diagnose IUGR. (Intra Uterine Growth Restriction). I have to go in for twice weekly non stress tests to make sure everything is ok and our first one is today, so we won’t know more until later on today. If Thor (our nickname for the baby) responds appropriately and doesn’t appear to be in distress I would imagine they’ll want to leave him in there so he can try to fatten up – but they did say that it wasn’t likely he’ll gain much at this point. I’m small and I was small at birth so that could be the reason – maybe he is just a small baby. At this point they think he is about five pounds, but that is give or take 13 ounces either way.

If Thor fails the non stress test either I will start on steroids or they will deliver the baby if they think it’s better for him to just come on out now.

Like I said right now we don’t know much. I spent much of yesterday freaking out and blaming myself and crying and calling my mom but now I’m feeling better. After all everything else on the ultrasound was fine and Thor is still moving around and all that. I’m frantically cleaning my house in case we’re about to have a new baby around here – and the dryer is fixed, thank god. I don’t have all the stuff I need for my hospital bag and we don’t have any diapers but at this point I don’t care, I just want my boy to be ok. That’s really all I care about. That and a clean toilet.

Like I said I am doing ok most of the time. I am used to having horrible valentines days (aren’t we all?). We skipped our last childbirth class because I just wasn’t up to it and I watched American Idol with Mr. E and some heart shaped Junior Mints and I felt better. Of course everyone tells me things will be fine and this is very normal and this happens all the time and to relax and not stress and don’t be nervous and don’t be scared but really unfortunately it is not something I can just turn off.

This might sound stupid but I finally just covered up the ultrasound pictures that we got on Tuesday of Thor and his little face and that I had put on the refrigerator. I just couldn’t look at my little baby and his tiny chubby baby face and think that there was something wrong with him and not break down so I just covered up the pictures and now I feel much better.

Will let you all know what we hear from the doctor today.
Send good thoughts.

I Think She’s Here

There was no one else like my Grandma Jackson.

She was, from start to finish, a class act.

Because I am named for her she is inextricably tied up in my birth story, the one my mom used to tell me every year on my birthday. How my mom called up my grandmother when I was born to give her the news… and she asked who was calling and my mom said “the mother of Elizabeth Jackson” and at first my grandmother didn’t understand because that was HER name and then she figured out that her first grandchild had been born and had been named for her and she went and had a moment and then began bragging wildly to all her friends who were over at her house playing bridge.

When my brother was born my frandmother came to our house to help out and she taught me to make scalloped potatoes and I still make them today, the same way she did.

We didn’t always live nearby but we used to visit her every year in the summer and to me her little stucco house in LA was paradise on earth. It was always sunny and she would have made me a new dress and her backyard would be full of the roses she grew and she’d make her famous lemon meringue pie from lemons she grew in her yard and I still remember a time she took me to the grocery store and when I asked her if I could get some Klondike bars, she said sure and put them in the cart. I’d never had a Klondike bar before. I still remember that day and how it felt. It felt like pure love. Because it was, I think.

When my sister was born and my mother called people to tell them that Annie had Down Syndrome my Grandmother Jackson was the one person who didn’t act as if some sort of death sentence had been handed down. She reacted as she had to the news of all her other grandchildren – with congratulations and love. My mother still talks about it and how much it meant to her.

No one was ever a greater advocate for my sister than my grandmother – no one was ever more patient. It’s a cliché and old fashioned but my grandmother tried hard to teach both me and my sister what it meant to be a lady and a decent human being, in the best of ways.

She always wrote thank you notes. She wrapped packages without any tape, so the paper could be reused. She wouldn’t buy grapes. Whenever I would come to visit she would just “happen” to have three or four desserts on hand to offer me. She taught me to make Christmas ornaments out of Lifesavers and she loved to play Rummikub.

My Grandma Jackson died about five years ago from lung cancer. I still think of her all the time. I still sleep under a king size quilt she made by hand. She never owned a sewing machine. This weekend I made some very simple baby blankets for our impending arrival because I was just plain sick of blue fleece and as I was stitching and pinning and folding I thought of my grandmother and I wished, purely and simply, that she were here. I wish she knew that her great grandson was about to be born.

And then I thought maybe, in some small way, in the stitch of a baby blanket, in the fold of a seam, maybe she is here after all.

I’d Like to File a Formal Complaint…

…I just got out of the shower and it seems all the towels in our house shrank!

Must be all that line drying.

37 Weeks