Long Ago, and Oh So Far Away

Eli doesn’t like to go to sleep at night. I think he gets bored or lonely or maybe he just hasn’t really figured out how to flip that switch and turn off but regardless of the reason a lot of 2 oclock in the mornings have passed lately with Mr. E and me trying to figure out how the heck to get this child to sleep. Most of the time he doesn’t even cry, he just grunts…and only loud enough and often enough so that we can’t fall asleep. It’s like he’s not really in a bad mood, he just wants to chat, and he doesn’t care that we want to sleep. I can relate, since that pretty much describes my entire relationship with Mr. E up to this point. Poor guy.

So every night now we begin the Get Eli To Sleep Project, sometimes with better results than others. I am the Project Manager, since I have boobs, but Mr. E is right in there assisting, and i think I can say that we are both equally disturbed by the fact that the only song that ever shuts our son up and puts him to sleep, even as sung in our querulous and out of tune voices, although as loudly as possible?

Superstar, by the Carpenters.


Apparently bad musical taste doesn’t skip a generation.


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  1. Tell Mr. E he needs to break out his rendition of Beck’s “Debra.”

  2. Have you tried the soothing musical stylings of Air Supply ;o) Hope you guys are getting some rest.

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