You know those times when say that you are totally fine with your husband going out of town? And you pretty much ARE totally fine with it and anyway it’s really for work and also he totally deserves it, he works his ass off and when you told him to go you really didn’t even care at the time, and even though you’re so so so jealous of the hours and hours and hours he gets to spend by himself ALONE on the plane and in a hotel room with cable and booze and pizza you really would never ever tell him not to go? And you are very happy he had a fun time and met old friends and boozed it up and caught up on all the hot diatomatic gossip.  But at the same time you are the one stuck at home with a baby who WILL NOT NAP and who WILL NOT EAT and who WILL NOT STOP CRYING and who WILL NOT BE PUT DOWN NO MATTER WHAT and even though you want to be happy for your husband and you are trying so so so so sooooo hard not to be resentful, a part of you really really really sort of pretty much hates your husband and also wants to know why he is not home RIGHT NOW HELPING YOU and you know that by the time he gets home despite all your best efforts and through no fault of his you are going to be so so so so so annoyed with him?

Yeah. Today was one of those days.


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  1. I wish I could say I DON’T understand. But I do.

    I am having lots of resentment issues lately…like the fact that HE gets to eat lunch like an adult without a baby on his hip…

    darn it.

  2. You will have to have your own out-of-town trip soon, a bit of rest and recuperation, maybe in a few months when E. is weaned. My mom did this with both me and my brother- she took a “reward” trip as soon as we were weaned, to recover.

  3. This happens at our house more than I’d like. I try very hard not to be crabby about it, because (usually) my husband hasn’t done anything wrong, but I spend a lot of time pacing around the house muttering under my breath.

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