Life in Holland

A lot of people hate Welcome To Holland. I have always loved it.

I’m know all the reasons I’m supposed to hate it. Maybe I shouldn’t admit that I like it so much. Maybe it marks me as easy sell. But I only know that all the times I have needed it to help, it has. It brings me peace.

Today is the last day of October, the last day of 21 for 31, the last day of Down Syndrome Awareness Month. And I do so wish I had a good story for you. Words of wisdom. A neat and tidy anecdote to tie all this together, this life of mine, our world, the people whom we love with Down Syndrome who live in it with us.

But I’ve not got that. I have no magic answers today. I am still the person I was a month ago. I still can’t drive. Eli still screams himself to sleep. I still don’t like my dog. My sister still hangs up on me sometimes when I call her. My mom still doesn’t understand why maybe she shouldn’t go to Italy for Thanksgiving and I still don’t have the guts to tell her. My in laws annoy me. I’m not a fast runner. I am not skinny. Halloween candy calls my name.

I have no magic answers. I only know we do our best. We love as much as we can.

And we live our lives, here in Holland, every day.


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  1. Why don’t people like Welcome to Holland? I thought it was a lovely essay applicable to a lot of things in life, not just DS.

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