From Sandwich to Sandwich – My Dream Saturday

edited to add: This hasn’t happened yet, this is my passive agressive way of trying to get what I want NEXT Saturday. Wish me luck!

Mr. E wakes up early and does something with the baby and the dog and the cat. I don’t know. I’m sleeping.

He wakes me up at 9:30 with a Sugar Free Starbucks Gingerbread Spice Latte and says “You better get up, we have to figure out how to make that belgian waffle, egg, bacon sandwich you’ve been conceptualizing and the waffle iron is hot!”

I eat two belgian waffle bacon egg sandwiches covered in maple syrup and I don’t have time to think about the points or the calories or the dishes because Mr. E says “By the way, I made you a hair appointment for noon, so we better go. Don’t think about how much it will cost or how we’ll pay for it. You deserve it. You have to take care of YOU sometimes.”

My hair looks fabulous. I am easily confused with Katie Holmes. Georgio Armani wants to dress me.

Mr. E tells me he’s taking me somewhere fabulous and then pulls up in front of The Birthplace of Fabulous, Target. He drops me off and tells me I have an hour and a $15 dollar gift card to spend and tells me to buy something I don’t need, something that has nothing to do with babies or toothpaste or gallon size Ziploc bags.

I buy a glass pear.

Mr. E meets me out front and tells me he doesn’t know how I do it every day.

We drive to the fabric store and Mr. E helps me pick out felt for my ridiculous hand made Advent calendar project and then he tells me that he thinks it’s a great idea and he can’t wait to help me make it and he is so happy that I am so good at thinking up ridiculous craft projects and he loves how much I get into christmas and he also just loves crafts and he really loves the fabric store and picking out felt.

Then we go home and have sandwiches and soup for dinner and we watch Time Bandits and What Not to Wear and Mr. E rubs my feet and makes me popcorn and tea and does the dishes.

And then we go to bed and I fall asleep instantly. The perfect end to a perfect day.


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  1. Well… I think you got MOST of that right… except for the fall asleep instantly part. What’s more likely to happen is that you’ll start doing something on the internet, I’ll turn on the webcam, take off my pants, and do jumping jacks.

    Yes, I know — is it a dream, or is it a vision of awesomeness yet to come? Sometimes, it’s hard to tell the difference.

  2. Seriously? That is one hell of a day! Mr. E is a saintly genius! I have been considering a Katie Holmes haircut for some time now. You will have to keep us posted about the pros and cons of daily maintenance.

  3. Holy awesome day, Batman! Well, everything but one thing… why in good god’s name would you want to look like Katie Holmes on purpose? That haircut is so unflattering and matronly… I shiver just thinking about it.

    Ok, I’ve never gotten that excited talking about a haircut before…

    I have my fingers crossed for you for next Saturday!!

  4. Has someone slapped you awake yet mate???? Cos that day has got to be ‘only in your dreams’ eh???? Tell Mr E we would love to see him naked doing jumping jacks…. any time soon would be good! What??? IN MY DREAMS do I hear you say! LOL

  5. Sounds great. Can I come?

  6. That’s how I am spending my Saturday too.

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