Just a quick note to say I’m not dead, we were on a little trip up north, but we are back.

I drank gallons of Starbucks and restocked Eli’s wardrobe at the Gymboree outlet and I had my first facial which was awesome and so relaxing it should be illegal and my brussels sprouts and stuffing were both super delicious so I would say the trip was a success.  Although last night on the drive home Eli did earn the nickname “Salmon Butt” and I think it’s safe to say there is a McDonald’s bathroom in Medford, Oregon that may never be the same again.

I wish it was December 1st, the dregs of November are getting on my nerves. Is it too early to post Christmas lists?

Also, my child is teething again, stands up in the bathtub, and still won’t sit.  He’s just not a sitter, I guess.  Luckily for him his father is a jedi master in the art of laziness, so maybe he can be taught.


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  1. Jedi master in the art of laziness?

    I don’t believe I’ve ever been so honored AND insulted at the same time…

  2. There is no appropriate time line for wish lists. Says me.

    Glad you had a nice trip.

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