Baby’s First Christmas Wish List*

*Please note, I am not buying him all this stuff, I’m not made of money, but some it we already have, some of it I’m getting on Ebay, and some of it my mom or other relatives are buying.

Hanna Andersson Velvet Overalls

Obviously Eli needs to wear these when he goes to see Santa for the first time.


Hanna Andersson Christmas Zippers

Call me crazy but I just can’t help but see Eli sitting in front of the Christmas tree in these on Christmas morning. I wanted the reverse colors (green stripes with red cuffs) but they were sold out. I bought these on Ebay because awesome quality aside, I couldn’t wrap my brain around spending $40 for baby christmas pajamas.


Pottery Barn Organic One Piece

I think this is the cutest thing ever, and I want to get Eli something with his name on it, but I can’t figure out how to order the monogram with the dragonfly below it like the kid in the picture so right now I’m too annoyed to order it. I guess I could email them.


Gap Adored Onesie

I like this because well, my child is adored like you would not believe, and besides, half the profits go to something besides total corporate greed, so that’s good.


Chuck Taylors

Horrifyingly, it appears the boy will be walking soon, and he will need some shoes. These are pretty kick ass, you have to admit. Also, it is a scientific fact that there is nothing cuter on earth than baby shoes.


The Bilibo.

I love this toy. I’ve wanted to buy it for a kid since the moment I first saw it, in all its yuppie unstructured what is it free play glory. And now I’m buying it for my kid. How fun. I wish they made a grown up one.


I am buying almost all of our wood toys from Plan Toys because the prices are less exorbitant than the stuff from Haba or Brio, and they have a simplicity to them that I really love

wooden pull toy from Plan Toys.


small wooden cars


this fun poundy thing from Plan Toys


plain wooden blocks from Plan Toys


a cone sorter from Plan Toys


Alphabet Stacking Cubes


A Hat From Etsy.


Apple Piggy Bank from Vilac. Love.


The Radio Flyer. Eli might a little young for this but it just seems like such a quintessential Christmas present that I had to throw it on the list. I remember pulling my sister around in this when we were kids. Too bad I can’t just have that wagon back.



I am telling anyone who asks what Eli wants for Christmas that he wants books, but I think I am also going to get him a bunch “used” from Amazon. This is really a selfish present because I want to be able to read him the books I loved from when I was a kid.


a baby walker



5 Responses

  1. Those are some pretty awesome toys.

    Will you adopt me?

  2. We got a Bilibo for the V-meister last year for Christmas. We were so excited about it because of all the hype we’d read. but she was actually kind of “meh” about it at first, but she does like to play with it now. And it’s true – it has many creative uses.

  3. You have excellent taste.

    My Eli also needs those brown Chucks…must buy. And Evan will be getting the Bilibo for Christmas…we played with one in a store last week and he loved it. We then put it back on the shelf because Cheapo Mommy thought she could find it online for a better price, but no such luck. I’ve learned my lesson: next time, I’m impulse buying.

  4. Oh Oh! This is such a fun post. Only because I would select almost all the things for my little Jackson! I have wanted the Bilibo for ages (ok really only 10 months), it looks so fun. And I totally got Jackson a pair of Chucks when I was pregnant. They are still too big. Dang!

  5. We bought our nephew brown low-top Chuck’s. And then I bought some for myself too.

    We put them on him and he was adorable. He froze and put his arms out and looked around like, “No one freak out, but there’s something ON MY FEET.”

    The PJs and the monogrammed onesie are ADORABLE.

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