So, maybe you guessed this, but I am a teeny little bit of a perfectionist. I like everything to match. I like clean lines, I like symmetry.  I enjoy the boxy Kate Spade school of style.

I make my christmas cards every year and I can’t help it, after all that, I like them to have a nice stamp.

(As an aside, I also made my wedding invitations and save the dates and rsvp postcards.  Do you want to see them?

Here they are:

invite.jpg  savedate.jpg savedateinside.jpg postcard.jpg

We got married on the prairie. I had to have prairie invitations. Duh.  Anyway, that year they came out with a 70 cent prairie stamp and to this day it kills me that I didn’t cough up the extra cash and use that stamp.

So, you see. I am crazy.)

Anyhoo. The Christmas Knit stamps?


Maybe you will disagree with me but I think those are the ugliest things I’ve ever seen. And the gold religious one is the same one I used last year. Boo urns.

I kind of feel like using the Jury Duty stamp, just to be recalcitrant.

I can’t believe I just wrote all this about stamps.

But seriously. If you were going to steal some sixty odd green paint samples from various stores in the northern california area and painstakingly cut and glue and and fold your own own christmas cards, wouldn’t you want them to have a pretty stamp?

What would you use? Gerald Ford?


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  1. The Save the Date Photos are too cute for words. Seriously.

  2. I agree. Those stamps curiously resemble bad holiday sweaters.

    And dammit… Gerald R. Ford is a local hero. I watched his funeral on tv. I have been to his museum. And I know where he used to live. That said, he wasn’t a very handsome man, was he?

    Your Save the Date is very cool. I hope some day I am crafty enough to do my own Christmas cards.

  3. Dude. I was thinking the same thing about those horrid stamps. Luckily, I only used 20 of them before deciding they were too hideous! They are such bad reproductions!!!

  4. Your prairie line is wonderful! You might have a career in that.

    Now about those stampe–what were they thinking? The whole knit effect just makes them look blurry, and they aren’t that cute or pretty or interesting. They basically have no redeeming qualities. I elected to put the Tiffany stamps on my Christmas cards. At least they are colorful and classy.

  5. I just gave up and used the brass bell stamps. :sigh: Your wedding invites are to die for! I bet Santa Eli will be a much bigger hit than, say, Gerald Ford… 😉

  6. I sent Eric to get stamps for our Christmas cards. He came home with the stamps you showed. Hideous. I totally agree with you!

  7. Oh my gosh, we’re stamp soulmates. I threw a FIT in the post office years ago because I wanted cool, awesome, neat-o stamps for my graduation announcements and they only had boring flags. I stomped even.

    Mike said, “That has to be the first time anyone has ever thrown that fit.”

    Maybe you did too though?

    Also I bought a sheet of those Christmas stamps and I agree, they suck it. Hard.

  8. OMG, stamps cost 41 cents now? Geez. Does it reveal my age to say I remember when they only cost a quarter?

    I’m going to have to dissent and say I like the knit stamps. They remind me of a cat sweater I loved to death in elementary school, which I’d never wear today, but I loved it at the time so the residual good feelings are still there.

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