My Favorite Christmas Present*

….taken with my other favorite Christmas present (my new lens).


*Mr. E and I had fake Christmas together before we leave for the great gift orgy of 2007  the emotional morass of doom  Christmas at my mom’s house.


5 Responses

  1. *smiling broadly*…. have fun at ya Mum’s now!

  2. what is it??
    great lens.

  3. gorgeous shot! I’m really impressed… and in need of a better camera!

    have a good trip and merry x-mas!

  4. Super cool picture–but what is this thingie? Were you able to step on it before it ate the Christmas tree?

  5. ooh. nice! i asked for a lense too. we shall see. and i love how you describe xmas at your mom’s. too funny.

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