My New Year’s Resolutions 2008 – Otherwise known as How To Get Fabulous

I want to get rid of anything that’s broken, stained, holey, old, doesn’t work, etc. Crappy high chair? Out on the curb. Rocking chair I hate? Out on the curb. I threw out a bunch of ratty socks and pillow cases with holes in them that I’ve been holding onto for way too long and old jewelry I’ve never worn and foundation I’ve been using since 2003!!! Gross.

I’d like to take better care of me. This one is hard, because it costs more, but I want to figure out a way in 2008 to make sure I take care of my skin, I get my hair cut when I want to, to spend the extra $3 and buy the good lotion that doesn’t make me feel greasy and yucky. I need to do this for me because no one else is going to do it and it’s time for me to be a grown up and wash my face at night like a big girl.

And of course, I want to lose this stupid baby weight. Enough said. My MIL is here till Sunday. I’m going to start WW AGAIN on Monday, and this time I’m going to kick some ass. I am tired of feeling gross when I look in the mirror. And there’s a reunion this summer and a pink shower I have the perfect (size 6) dress for and I’m over feeling schlubby when I have a closet full of sass just waiting for my ass to reduce itself. And that reminds me that I need to buy a new battery for my scale because every time I step on it lately it reads “66.6” and that’s just not a positive start to a new weight loss journey.

I must get my stupid drivers license, even if I never drive anywhere. And at the suggestion of my mother in law, I think I’m going to divide this up into mini goals. My first goal is to get on and off the expressway ten times. Once I do that, I’ll think of another one, because this is the year we have to get another car and I have to get my license. I can’t be trapped at home any more.  The good news is that you have to get on the expressway to get to Target so hopefully the allure of random crap I can’t afford and don’t really need will be powerful enough to prod me on my way.

And finally, I really want to try to remember to sweep the kitchen floor every night after dinner. Things seem so much more in control and manageable in my life when I do this, and I feel so much better about letting Eli crawl all over the place. Mr. E hates it when I do this because cleanliness is like kryptonite or something to him, but he can suck it up.

There’s lots of other things I’d like to do this year…move out of this pit of despair, play with my son more, quit being so caught up in little petty shit, quit with all the negativity already, start my own Etsy shop, make a little cash, write a lot more, learn to love my body, stick to our budget, save money, read more books, etc, but I’m going to cut myself some slack and stick to just five actual resolutions. Besides, I’m over resolving to do things that just fundamentally deny who I really am. I might never be more chill. I will probably never become a happy go lucky type who skips through the daisies and tiptoes through the tulips. I half ass it with my camera, I don’t clip coupons, I spend a lot of money at the grocery store, I love shoes, my thighs trouble me. And that’s all just part of the wonder of me, you know?

Anyway. From here on in I declare 2008 The Year of the Fabulous.


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  2. I so totally identify with pretty much everything you just said, right down to the swept floor. I do have my driver’s license, but it took me years to work up the nerve to get it, and another three or so after that to get on the freeway. It petrified me.

    You’ve inspired me to go clean out my junk drawer. And maybe also the junk in my trunk.

  3. I can relate to the being stuck at home and holding on to old useless crap and not sticking to a budget or washing your face at night.

    I knew there was a reason I liked you.

    But I can drive on the expressway. Just so long as there isn’t very much traffic or more than 3 lanes. Or I freak the Eff out.

  4. GO YOU!!!! All sounds good to me, and yaa for being about to join Weight Watchers…. it really does work mate.

  5. The Year of the Fabulous. I like that.

    Great goals… I’m pulling for ya. And I’m with you on the weight. I’m trying to lose mine. It’s apparently quite happy on my ass, but it’s getting evicted. It must.

  6. What a great title! I hope you suceed on your WW journey. My baby is 11 months old today and I still have a large amount of baby weight to lose.

    Happy 2008…it will totally be FABULOUS!

  7. Happy new year!

    Hear, hear to the year of the fabulous. I’m on board with that- I’m tired of being the stereotypical academic with frumpy, outdated, ill-fitting clothes and the hair of doom. Partly inspired by you, I finally got a haircut today! Woo! And that is just the beginning of fabulousness for both of us, I hope.


  8. Happy new year, Princess. Onward and upward! Your MIL’s idea about breaking things down is a helpful one for me. Have you read Pasta Queen’s post about the R word (resolutions)? I’m reading yours on the heels of hers, and they make a nice pair.

  9. The Year of the Fabulous – LOVE.IT. I lurk often on your blog and I just wanted to say you ARE fabulous already, but I get you on the wanting to be more fab – I am going to pay more attention to myself this year as well, starting with lavender painted toenails. So if you’ll excuse me, I have to get my Fabulous on. 🙂

  10. Happy NEW year, Princess!

    I’m totally with you on the sweeping thing. I made a resolution to be a better house-cleaner-upper this year. To actually fold and put away clean laundry rather than stacking it all in baskets. It’s all in baby bits. I do one house chore a night, and limit myself to it. Otherwise I go bananas and wind up being wiped out and very crabby because “I clean the whole house while Mr. Man sits on his tookus” ect ect.

    Enjoy this year, and set yourself up for resolutions that let the natural you shine through and excel. 🙂

  11. Sounds like a good idea to break down the goals like that. You’ve probably been told this before, but merging on and off the highway is the hardest part. Once you’re on, it’s safer than driving through town because you aren’t stopping and starting as much, so you’re less likely to get hit.

  12. Yahoo I’m so getting on this bandwagon.
    Bring it on fabulous year.

    I have accepted that I never clip coupons, I’ve scaled the walls of the pit of dispair and I have made time to get my hair cut. I think I am on my way. Thanks for the affirmation. I hadn’t realised it until I read this how important these things are.

    I got my license when I was 16 and am so glad I did. It is hard to get the nerve up when you are older, Target should be a helpful motivator I hope.

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