Suck It, Net Gear*

I was all set to sit on the couch while Senor Pants took an unexpected and thrilling! nap and drink my tea and log my points and write a blog post about how wireless internet FUCKING RULES and I am really so glad I didn’t know before how awesome it was to surf the internet from the couch because had I known it would just have made me sad!!! but then the wireless internet died and I spent nap time cursing the internets and fixing the damn wireless.

Nevertheless, when it works it’s so awesome it kind of makes me want to cry.

So, I was thinking, before the computer ruined my morning and my happy plans, that I want to start posting a “Goal of the Day”. Not anything exciting, just ONE thing I hope to get done that day. For example you would think I could have made time in the last eighteen and half weeks to paint my toenails and yet I did not. Had my mother in law not been here for one trillion years I could have posted on Friday that my Goal of the Day was to paint my toenails and then we could all have been so so so so happy and excited when I actually, uh, met my lofty goal and painted my toenails.

Asleep yet?

Of course now I can’t think of a Goal of the Day for today so I am off to a rip roaring start.

Maybe my Goal of the Day should be to recover from the Zombie Terror that I Am Legend has now instilled in me. No one I know liked that movie but I saw it last night and I LOOOOOOVED it.

Ok, no, Goal For the Day: Log all my WW points and stick to my limit.


*This is not a family friendly blog.


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  1. I thought I Am Legend was good!

    See PS I Love You. It’ll make you cry and cover their apartment.

    I think the Goal of the Day idea is just awesome.

  2. Wireless internet and I Am Legend both rock out! I’m glad someone else enjoyed that movie as well!

    My only 3 small goals for today are to: fold and put away the clean laundry from last night, soak the beans for tomorrow’s soup, and [check] sign up for local 5k that is next weekend.

    One down, two to go!

    You’re awesome honey. Enjoy those toes and the interwebs!

  3. Go Weight Watchers! I’m doing it too. So far I’ve drunk half my points for the day in soda so I’ve got a few kinks to work out in my system but go us! Thinner and more fabulous in 2008!

  4. I have Non Scale Victories for each day…. sorta the same thing but I record it at the end of the day.

  5. Did you stick to your goal? I tracked my points today!

    My goal for tomorrow should be : finish my schedule at work so I don’t get stuck working a squizillion hours!

  6. I know you wrote this yesterday, but here’s my Goal for Today: not totally freak out at my first WW weigh-in in three weeks this afternoon. I did a “will this be A Good Weigh-In Day or A Bad Weigh-In Day?” hop on the scale this morning, and judging by my home scale it will be Not Entirely A Good Day but also not A Giant Disaster Day. I just have to remember that yeah, I pretty much fell off the WWWagon over the holidays. Give myself a break already. But still. Ugh. I’m so freaking close to goal every ounce gained makes me want to scream.

  7. A little off topic here, but Suck It is my favorite phrase to say, and I say it alot in my head, not so much outside of my head because I’m pretty sure that someone would hurt me if I actually said it outloud to them as often as I would like. So, um, anyway, just thought I would share that (maybe I should stay in lurker mode from now on!)

  8. Well Jill, it turns out that “Suck it” can be a very unwelcome phrase at times — say, in bed?

    In other situations, it’s not quite as frowned upon…

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