GOTD (Goal of the Day)

I was going to say that Day One! I totally failed at my goal for the day, but instead, I will say that for the half the day I was on that goal like white on rice. Or whatever. But then it all kind of fell apart, what with Mr. E moping around the house sick and Eli deciding that sleeping is for boring losers and also there were home made brownies in the refrigerator, need I say more?

So again, with the starting over.

I have many goals that could be today’s Goal of the Day. I’d like to finish cursing to hell fixing E Dog’s changing table. Maybe, just for a change? Not eat half my points in brownies. Pick up my library book. Not strangle my husband as he lurches around the house like a dying wildebeest. Quit obsessing over baby showers that are three months away. Finally watch some of the stupid Netflix movies I get and then don’t feel like watching. And I really need to buy a scale so I can join Maggie’s Weight Loss Challenge thingee.

However the point of TGOTD is that I’m not allowed to pick seventy trillion things I need to do because then NONE of those things gets done. So my GOTD is to drink two whole Nalgenes of water. Water water water.

Here is a question for you.

I’ve never seen High School Musical One or High School Musical Two, despite my sister being like, the world’s biggest fan. But I’m kind of intrigued by them. So are they good? Worth one viewing? Should I netflix them and actually watch them? Or are they not worth my time?

Keep in mind, at times of true desperation, I have been known to sit through episodes of Hannah Montana late at night. And I’m not totally opposed to musicals, unless they are movie versions of Broadway musicals, in which case, no thanks. And I really loved that Lindsay Lohan remake of the Parent Trap. And I used to watch the original version like, twice a week. So I’m not anti Disney channel or anything.


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  1. I tried High School Musical and was so bored. And if it helps, I actually said to Mike the other day who was trying to change the channel during Zoey 101, “BUT SHE’S MOVING TO LONDON. I HAVE TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS.”

    To which he said, “She gets pregnant. That’s what happens.”


    And you’re my post of the day, AGAIN, because of that one line up there. Just struck me so. Tune in, okay?

  2. I forgot to mention, I told the Zoey 101 story to prove my TV standards AREN’T HIGH.

  3. Get thee a scale, woman!

    I love Hannah Montana. I will watch Zoey 101 if Hannah Montana isn’t on. If there are high school kids, singing and dancing, I will watch it. HSM? HATED IT. Spent the entire time wondering what America’s children saw in it. But I don’t know, maybe my standards were abnormally high that day.

    (Although? Zac Efron? YUM.)

  4. I thought the same thing about High School Musical. All the kids go crazy for it, I wonder what it’s actually like. When they made fun of it on SNL I was intrigued! How about you Netflix and I get it from Blockbuster and we will compare reviews?!?!

  5. Just wanted to say hi & tell you how happy I am to have stumbled across your blog! I am loving your sense of humor. (And your baby is a-DOR-able.)

  6. My kids are completely OBSESSED with HSM1&2. It’s kinda like hearing a song on the radio that you really don’t like but then after you hear a dozen times you actually start to like it – ditto with the HSM. If I were a preteen girl -I’d be all over it, but since I’m pushing 40, not so much. Don’t worry, soon enough your little one will be old to enough to get obsessive about some random tv show and you’ll have it watch it over and over and over and over… good times, good times. If you are curious, just watch HSM – nobody has to know!!

  7. Based on what you’ve written I think you would be a fan of highschool musical.
    Other moms I know with older kids have said they liked it.

    I love that your sister is the #1 fan.

    I’ll have to see if Maggie will take me on in that plan.

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