Majorly Totally Butt Crazy In Love

Now that it’s January, and we’ve moved on from the massive dosing of Christmas greed,  here’s what’s on my spring wist list. Some of which I’ll be getting, most of which I won’t. But hey, a girl can dream, right?

I don’t know why, but I kept thinking of reasons to give people these glasses from Anthropologie for Christmas.  Then recently I had one of those moments like in Clueless when Cher realizes “Wait a minute, I’m in love with Josh!” and I realized that maybe I needed this glass!  Especially since my desk used to hold a computer monitor the size of Ohio as well as about six frillion other peripheral items which blocked my chi and clogged up the feng shui of my bedroom and now the desk just has my cute little laptop on it and to make it even cuter I think I will buy this glass to hold the fancy black pencils I got in my stocking.  Also, the E version of this glass is decorated with elephants and the elephant is my spirit animal which just means this must be fate and it’s practically required that I buy myself this glass. Righto.

Moving on.  I’ve been eyeing the Garmin ForeRunner


for awhile, but really, the only the only thing I NEED to know when I run is mileage, so I might try out a pedometer first. I’ll either save myself $150 or cost myself an extra $20 when I end up asking for the stupid Garmin for my birthday anyway.  But this pedometer


gets really good reviews at Amazon so I thought it was worth a shot.  Apropos of nothing, I just want you all to know that I found a Garmin last summer, on the ground in the national park, and I turned it in to lost and found, because that is just how marvelous of a person I am.  I’m still waiting for the good karma from that move to kick in, but I know it’s out there somewhere.

A red IPOD shuffle.


This is so small and seems so perfect for running I can’t help myself.  You can clip it right onto your shirt! Magical, eh? Right now I run with my ancient Mini and I either have to put it in an armband that cuts of my circulation or trap it in my Camelbak pocket where I can’t get to it.  Also, if I buy this at Apple, I can get the red one laser engraved with my favorite running mantra : “It’s always too early to quit.” How totally unnecessary, and yet how groovy.

Now for something even more boring than the rest of this blog post…food storage!  About once a year we notice that we’re struggling to find containers for leftovers and we go out and buy a bunch of new disposable glad ware or whatever it’s called and stack it all up in our cupboards and fill it with delicious leftover pie or whatever and then Mr. E leaves it all at his office and then we start the cycle again.  Now we have a baby and so we’ve become unspeakabley unbearably yuppified and we lurrrve the earth and blah blah blah bisphenonal A so we’re going to get rid of whatever plastic shit we have left (not much) and go with some of these pyrex glass containers


and if Mr. E leaves them all in his office he will just have to sell off his collection of french porn to buy more.  Speaking of which.  Is it just my husband who does this? Mr. E has a closet full of shoes and shirts and pants and jeans, and yet spends all his time telling me how badly he needs shoes and shirts and pants and jeans.  And I mean, sure, buy some shoes, we won’t feed the baby this month, but um, what about the eight pairs of shoes you already have, sitting in your closet? If they’re so USELESS, throw them out! Also, is this a girl thing? Because I don’t wear out my shoes. I don’t ruin them and have to get new ones. I have had shoes I’ve had for ten years and had to throw out because the chunk heel was so over, but I don’t just…wreck shoes and have to get new ones constantly. I don’t get that.

Anyway. Moving on. I totally need some new shoes. Specifically, these


from J. Crew.  These shoes and I are in love, but our relationship is already off to a rocky start, because really, J. Crew? $128? Really?  So not cool.

And of course, it wouldn’t be a January wish list if I didn’t need some more fancy face stuff to smear on my adorable visage.  I am a mother of an 11 month old who thinks sleeping and eating are for jerks, so I obviously need some eye cream, (Amalah reccomended this Cosmedicine stuff)


to get rid of my puffy dark undereye circles, and

some overpriced foundation


to perk up my tired tired skin. Of course, I’ve got oodles more skin products I want to try out, but I literally need nothing else till I run out of some of the stuff I’m trying now.  Perhaps I’ll post some reviews at a later date.  BTW, poo poo if you must, and I know it’s not for everybody, but I buy almost all of my skin/face/makeup biz boz on Ebay.  That Sue Devitt foundation is $38 at Sephora, god knows how much with shipping, and it’s $13 or so on Ebay, with shipping, new, sealed, comes with the box.  I’m not sure if it fell off of a truck or what, but for the price, I’m not asking questions.  IE please don’t tell me about counterfeit makeup cartels run by orphans in thailand or that this is made from ground up puppies and dirt.

Finally, we really really really really need dining room chairs.  We have a lovely dining room table and our chairs are vile.  I can’t wait to ritualistically burn those fuckers in my front yard.  Anyway, to replace them, I want a kind of mod chair to set off the traditionalism of the dining room table, but I don’t want like, lime green molded $400 plastic or anything. I’m not that crazy. It has to kind of match. And also these


are totally the only chairs Mr. E and I can agree on.   Courtesy of IKEA.

And now a question for you.  This is the year I want to buy a really really really nice cute trench coat.  Like, better than Target, but less than Burberry, which I would love but can’t afford.  Cute, different, funky, but not too funky.  Nicely tailored, and flattering to short curvy types.  It can be belted, but I would prefer not.  That tied off in the middle look seems messy to me.  If anyone sees anything of the sort, please let me know.  Thank you!

Goal of the Day:   Count all my Points.  Weekend was not good re: diet. Unless by good you mean contained one bajilion cinnamon rolls.  In that case, my diet was mucho excellent.

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  1. I followed your reasoning on the purchase of an “E” glass perfectly. I’d even go so far as to say it is a sign from above, all those “coincidences.” Purchase the elephant glass!

    My folks gave me a red iPod Shuffle for Christmas and it has made my running intervals something I look forward to.

    I will pause for a minute and let that sink in.

    Can you believe it? And the red? Gorgeous.

  2. Pyrex changed my life.

  3. Oh I luuurve that pyrex set. I have the set of three from wallmart. Only $16 canadian dollars I thought it was the best find evah but that set is wic.

    Don’t hate me but we just got a free shuffle for signing up for an energy saver program.

  4. I actually got a free sample of the Cosmedicine stuff at Sephora this weekend. You could actually see an immediate improvement. I didn’t think that was possible. I was shocked.

  5. Yes, it’s a boy thing. We go through boxer shorts, white socks, white t-shirts, and khakis like they’re… being ritualistically burned in the front yard every month?? When we do laundry, it’s 25% hers and 75% his… why and HOW do they go through all their clothes so fast?

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