Please Vote! (and not just for President)

Ok, peeps, please let me know which one of these alarm clocks is your favorite. Keep in mind it will eventually sit on a white wooden dresser with green glass knobs.  Or a pale low mod wood dresser.  Or a large dark wood dresser.  Ok, I haven’t totally made up my mind about the dresser yet, so sue me.  But the bedding I see myself ending up with will probably be all white or else have some green in it.  And the bed will be some kind of darkish iron scroll work.

Alarm Clock Number One ($39.99):


Alarm Clock Number Two – In Green – ($32.00):


Alarm Clock Number Three – (On Sale for $19.99):



12 Responses

  1. My personal favorite is number 2. But I have absolutely no sense of style, so you probably shouldn’t listen to me.

  2. I love No# 3, the other two not so much.

  3. 2! 2! 2!

    So cute.

  4. I told myself to pick before reading the comments and I did. And I didn’t go with whatever everyone else says. I like 2 and 3, but my fave is 1.

  5. I love that Pottery Barn clock (middle) but I think the last (black one) will look best (and classic!) with the white bedding and possible white dresser.

  6. I love love love #2. I think you should get one in every color. And maybe send one to me.

  7. #1! It’s really stylish, and it reminds me of travel alarm clocks from my childhood. Plus, it would go really well with wood, white, and green. Plus, #2 and #3 strike me as the kind that would tick insanely and drive me up the wall. So, that’s my vote.

  8. I’ve already ordered number 3 for my house 😉 So that’s my vote!

    Although I like number 1 as well. I’m a sucker for vintage.

    It’s a toss up between the two…

  9. Numero dos (2) would be my pick!!!

    And yes, it is wrong that you sing that song to Eli. Very very wrong. Just kidding – I think it’s funny!!! =)

  10. Sorry, it’s the most expensive, but I adore #1. I might get one myself, except alarm clocks make me cranky. It’s way cute, though!

  11. I like number 2!

  12. I like three.
    That is not helping is it?

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