I’m not sure what the heck happened but man I sure do feel like I’ve gotten some shit under control lately what with the new couch and how we get our internet on the computer now like the rest of the world and also now I’ve got some pyrex and some eye cream and then there was the throwing out of the old makeup and I actually am going to get some new glasses this weekend since the ones I got in 2004 aren’t really cutting it anymore and one of these days I might actually get my drivers license but before even that occurs, lo, the heavens have opened and the gods have smiled down upon us and we are getting DVR today.

In other news, I hate hate hate it when random strangers have to come into my house to do shit like install my DVR. HATE.  Making small talk with some strange cable installer is like my number one nightmare of all time.  Do I offer him a beverage? What if wants to use the bathroom? Ew.  Oh well.  One must pay the price for the great things in life, I suppose.

The irony of finally finally finally getting DVR right when the writers decide to strike and there’s nothing on is not lost on me. But still, tell me what I should um, record, or whatever you call it, with the box and the programming and the remote thingee.  You know what I mean. Here’s my list so far:

Martha since her show is on at ten when I can’t watch it and I do love me some Martha

Friday Night Lights.  LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE always forget to watch it

Project Runway

Battlestar Galactica re runs (they air at 5 am. Out of sequence.  And you can’t get Season Three on DVD till March.  The Sci Fi Network people are idiots.)

Entourage re runs (we just got HBO so I haven’t seen the newest season). And you know I have to watch it for Vince’s outfits alone, which I almost always covet for myself. Also, have a crush on every person on that show.

Pushing Daisies, if they re run it, since I have heard good things.

Weeds re runs

And lastly I heard there is some new show on National Geographic where they show puppies finding homes. Although I do not know the name of it,  I am totally going to DVR the hell out of puppies finding homes.

Anyone else got any favorites I should look out for?


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  1. I’m obsessed with Anthony Bourdain No Reservations on the Travel Channel.

    He is my completely gross celebrity crush. He is hot in like an angry man who smokes too much kind of way (who knew there was even such a way for that to be hot? BUT THERE IS). I know. It’s embarrassing.

  2. Well, I hear they’ve got some entertaining shows on Cinemax after about 10 pm or so. Or even 8 pm.

  3. Great picks there!

    I have a big ole crush on E–he reminds me of Mike a little bit. And I’m naming my future uncreated daughter after Sloan (middle name).

    Also record Everyday Italian, One Tree Hill and The Amazing Race. Well I mean you don’t have to, but I would suggest it if you want your life to improve EXPONENTIALLY.

  4. I have a crush on E too:) Vince gets way too much play!

    I’d give you some suggestions to record, but we record way too much stuff (though not as of late because of the strike, as you said).

  5. Once you have experienced a DVR (we have TiVo) you will wonder how you ever lived without it. It is going to ROCK YOUR WORLD.

    My favorites:

    Dirty Jobs, How It’s Made, Nip/Tuck, The L Word, The Tudors (second season coming soon!), Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern, any of those “I Love The 80s/90s” shows on VH1.

  6. Great choices! I record Iron Chef, Ace of Cakes (because who doesn’t love cake?), Oprah, What Not To Wear and a million other shows. Enjoy your new DVR!

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