In Defense of My Husband

Thank you all for your support with the dish washing rant.

Sometimes you just have one of those days when you walk into the kitchen and you see a huge pile of dishes waiting to be put away before you can even get started washing the huge pile of dishes sprawled across the counter and you just need to walk away and do some passive aggressive ranting on your blog.

But I feel that it would be unfair not to let you know that my husband isn’t just a non dishdrainer emptying morally bankrupt underachieving lout.

After working a full work week at not one but two jobs, he came home on Friday and helped me clean the whole house.

He giggled at my passive aggressive blog post, instead of telling me to screw off, which is totally what I would have told me to do.

He woke up early to try to saw down the tree that had fallen in our front yard.

He put Senor Pants in the baby backpack and wore him around for hours while trying to construct a rocket ship from cans.


He helped me move desks and tables and chairs and file cabinets and other heavy bulky awkward crap all over the house so I could turn my dining room into a sewing/craft/design area.


He helped me pick out spray paint and when I told him I wanted to spray paint the table he had just moved into the kitchen so I needed him to move it back outside, he gave in with really a very minor amount of bitching.

He sat in a chair after I told him to keep his dirty socks off my new couch.

He fixed the internet, which made me want to marry him all over again.

He listened to me tell him all about my sister and he is really genuinely interested in helping us to figure out what is in her future.

He told me I 100% should open an Etsy store and that he would help me do it.

He gave Senor Pants a bath and taught him to touch his own nose and he tidied the house DURING the Super Bowl.

He made lemon cookies from a recipe he saw on Martha Stewart’s show and he went to the grocery store with me and told me he thought that we had saved A LOT of money when the bill came to over $300 dollars and then he put all the groceries away for me.

And in addition to all of this I feel that I must add that although he sometimes does not empty the dish drainer and although he has certain procrastinating ways that get under my skin and although we may have had words on Saturday morning when the dog escaped through the giant hole in the fence that has been there for WEEKS and although I may have called him “totally irresponsible” none of that really matters because the truth is, Mr. E is a wonderful husband and an amazing father and also? He is totally smoking hot.

Which doesn’t hurt.



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  1. AND he has totally bitchin’ glasses frames.

  2. Such cute pictures. They aggravate us, they inspire us. They’re exactly who we need.

  3. AND he makes very cute babies.

  4. I never for one moment thought his nibs was a useless man…. you can have a mini rant over one thing that really gets up your nose… and still love them to death! He is one hot hubby! Stop putting photos of bub up, he melts me heart…. and makes me want another baby! (no don’t really stop!, hes just too adorable!)

  5. I totally identify with this – I have a similarly awesome husband who does so much but who I sometimes flip out at for forgetting to wipe the counters after he does dishes. I frequently then feel shame and count my blessings… it’s just nce to know others live the same cycle!

  6. heeeeeee.

  7. When you are done with your husband, can I marry him???

    Just kidding – I had a similar day yesterday. Hubs used the single most important ingredient I needed to make dinner last night and I was pissed…all night long. All day yesterday was a really bad day, but that sent me over the edge and when I woke up at midnight and found him sleeping on the couch, we had an exchange of words. I bitched at him and then he said, “why do you take it out on me? I”m the one person in the world who loves you the most!” That stopped me in my tracks. I tucked my tail between my legs and apologized and now we are happy again. I just need to remember that next time he decides to do something on his own in the kitchen!

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