I can still remember the  moment like it was yesterday.

I’m standing in my parents living room, 17 years old.  It’s summer.  My best friend Andrew is there, waving around some letter he just got from the college he’s about to head off to in a few months, and he says “Hey, I just got my roommate. His name is Erik. I think I’m going to bring my stereo, and he said he’s going to bring his. Cool.”

I can’t attest personally to the education one may receive at C@rleton College, but I can promise you one thing. Their roommate matching system is top notch.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Mr. E.


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  1. Oh I loved this.

  2. THIS is a good “how we met” tidbit.”

  3. I thought you were going to tell a story about venereal disease. Dammit!

  4. Awesome!

    (I, too, think of, well, VD whenever I see someone abbreviate. Sigh.)

  5. Maybe this takes away from the magic some how, and maybe it doesn’t…

    But I can remember being 18, and away from home for the first time, and getting a call at 12:15 am on a Tuesday from my roommate’s best friend in school in California, where it’s only 10:15 and besides she would be “up for hours anyways, what are you some kind of loser?” And my room mate handing me the phone and saying “I’m too tired… you talk to her.” And I remember hanging up the phone over forty five minutes later. I also remember I was wearing a pair of tighty whities that I had to steal from my brother, because I didn’t have enough underwear of my own to bring to school. So I wrapped myself in a throw blanket because even though it was only September, it being Minnesota and all, it was very cold.

  6. Today (February 15th) is more special to the hubster and I than Valentine’s Day because it is the day we first met in 2001. That was the day I got a phone call at 8:45 am as I was preparing to depart for my parents’ near Cleveland, and the guy on the line, a guy I had never met before (but to whom I had sent my resume the day before, desperate to find a job, tossing in a “if you need to speak with me I will not be home this weekend as I am going to Cleveland tomorrow” at the end of my email), asked me to give him a ride to his friend’s place outside Cleveland because his garage had burned to the ground the week before, taking his car with it to the great junkyard in the sky. He had to get there that day in order to meet up with these people who were driving to Florida to attend the Daytona 500 NASCAR race.

    So I did, because I have a soft spot for people whose sob stories are too good to ignore. 2 hours and much geology conversation later (we are both graduates of the U of M’s geology program, just like the famous Mr. E) I dropped him off, totally unaware that I had just met the man who would end up marrying me on a beach in Hawaii three years later. All of that was yet to come.

    Here’s to fortuitous circumstances!

  7. aww this is adorable
    and yes, a far cry from the story on vd I was also expecting

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