If It’s the Size of A Beach Bag You Should Say That In the Catalog

So the Orla Kiely purse is a no go, number two arrived today, confirming my suspicions that the thing is just too large. I would never use it.

I still really need a fun summer bag, so my question is, if you had aproximately two hundred and forty nine dollars and eighteen cents to buy a new summer purse, where would you look? What would you buy? I really want something fun, light colored, boxy. I looked at Coach but there stuff is too run of the mill for me right now. Also, I would prefer something in canvas. Something funky and bright. But not with like, quills sticking out of it or anything freaky like that, and not too large. The perfect thing about the Orla Kiely bag was that it was different enough to be sort of hip, but not so crazy as to be annoying, and it had the two small handles so you just hold it in your hand, it doesn’t go over your shoulder, which is also a must for me.

I found this one on Etsy…but I’m not sold yet. Anyone else have any other suggestions?



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  1. I love the one you found on etsy…and as a person who handmakes bags, I support buying handmade! Plus…you’re almost gauranteed NO ONE ELSE will have one like it!

  2. I would look at Francesca’s and with the money I’d save, I’d buy a pair of great summer sandals at Banana or J. Crew.

  3. I am personally a fan of Acme Made: http://www.acmemade.com/

  4. I have some great Orla Kiely bags and Hable Construction at my site Twig (www.shoptwig.com). Might find something. Plus I have 20% off for my one year anniversary thru April 18th.

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