I am born. They hand me to my mother and when they take me away, she says to me “Come back soon, baby, and we’ll talk over old times.”

My father tells my mother, before I am born, how it is imperative that they speak to me only as an adult and that they don’t allow babyish things and words to take over their lives. The second he sees me he begins babbling in baby talk and I take over his life. He nicknames me “The Bean” because I remind him of a little bean bag.

Later this same year my father would finish his PhD at Columbia and buy a big green truck and drive it all the way across the country to California. My mother and I take the plane.  We live with my grandparents for a few months and then my father gets a job and we move to Oregon.  But I remain a New Yorker at heart.

*idea shamelessly stolen from Nothing But Bonfires.


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  1. I love this idea- are you going to do one post for every year of your life? I just might have to copy that…

  2. New York. One place I’ve never been… YET. Will go. Hopefully this summer… just fascinated with that city.

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