Where Would You Go?

Top Ten Places I Would Like to Visit Someday – International*

1. Paris, France

2. Australia and New Zealand, yes I consider this one place, so sue me.

3. Israel

4. Egypt

5. South Africa

6. India

7. Russia

8. Finland

9. Italy

10. Spain

Top Ten Places I Would Like to Visit Someday- Domestic*

1. Hawaii

2. The Grand Fricking Canyon

3. Mount Rushmore

4. Glacier National Park

5. Denali National Park/Alaska

6. Steamboat down the Mississippi River

7. Canyonlands

8. Miami

9. Death Valley

10. Savannah, Georgia

Where would you go? What’s on your “list of dream places to visit?”

We are going to Cabo in November (woo hoo to best friends getting drunk and bidding on time shares!) but after that the world is our oyster. I am thinking Hawaii next spring since it’s the easiest and cheapest to get to. But as soon as the boy is old enough to go to the kennel, I’m on that plane to Paris, yes I am. Perhaps I’ll bring my husband if he plays his cards right.   Also, I will insist that when we visit the Grand Canyon we drive some kind of family truckster to get there.

*Divided in two because that is the CORRECT way to do it even though certain people who shall remain nameless (Cough, Mr. E, Cough) think NOTHING of just naming off places willy nilly no matter whether they are IN the country or OUT but obviously they need to be correctly sorted in some kind of order or you could just find yourself in Indiana when you meant to go to Greenland.


4 Responses

  1. International: Thailand, Hong Kong, Moscow, Egypt, some fabulous Mexican resort, Greece
    Domestic: New York, Chicago, Kauai… anywhere with very tall buildings or beaches.

    Um, Seattle is not on your list. I’m sure that’s just an oversight.

  2. Okay, I’m going to separate as well:


    South/North Carolina

  3. Australia/New Zealand, Prague, Fiji, Galapagos, like every American monument I haven’t seen (which is most of them), Thailand, Croatia

  4. I LOVE imagining and fantasizing about all the places I want to visit. I love imagining and fantasizing about all the places other people want to visit!

    I thought you’d been to Paris- is it just my wonky imagination or was your baby conceived there? Holy cow, if it’s not you, which other blogger with a baby am I thinking of???

    On my personal list:

    domestic: I want to visit every U.S. state. So far, I’ve visited every state east of the Mississippi river other than Maine and New Hampshire, and I hope to correct that this summer. I have a lot of work to do on the west coast: I’ve only been to CA, NV, and AZ.

    international: I’ve always fantasized about visiting Africa, particularly West Africa: Senegal, Ivory Coast, that sort of thing. And I desperately want to visit India and S.E. Asia (Vietnam, Thailand, Laos). And Japan. And Korea. And everywhere else.

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