The Secret of Real Estate, Revealed

So we maybe maybe maybe maybe found a house to buy, I’m not sure. It’s still all very much in the “what if” planning phase and unfortunately part of the “what if planning phase” is turning out to be the “What if we can only afford a 940 square foot house built for elves – what do we do with our couches and our tv and our baby?” phase. So there’s that.

Part of me thinks it could be kind of fun to re learn how to live in a very small space. I enjoy thinking of life’s challenges as marvelous adventures. But another part of me is remembering the house as built for midgets and wondering if we’ll feel closed in and cramped the whole time we live there. I don’t want to marvelous adventure myself into a hideous divorce causing nightmare.

We’ll see. We have some things we’d have to work out anyway, so perhaps the fates will decide. Although I do have to ask, who here thinks a water heater IN THE KITCHEN is a good idea? Yeah, me neither.

This weekend was intense – we saw houses so dirty that we all had to clean our hands off with wet wipes after we got back in the car – but I love my realtor, so that helps, and I was so so so so proud of my husband and my son and also myself. We maintained such an even keel that I barely recognized us. There was that brief incident when I really had to pee and the Starbucks bathroom was broken and the Jamba Juice person LIED to my face and told me they had no bathroom and then Mr. E told me to buy something from the mexican restaurant so I could use their bathroom even though I didn’t want anything from the mexican restaurant, but overall, I maintained. At times it was actually kind of…fun.

I am sure you all are laughing your asses off at me and predicting (likely correctly) that in four weeks I will once again be the Debbie Downer you all know and love as I simultaneously curse real estate, sacramento, all men, escrow, and life as we know it, but for now I am enjoying not being a constant arbiter of doom, so I’m going to go with it.

Also, it turns out I am ready to make mah millions, because I have totally cracked the secret of the real estate business! Are you ready? Here it is:

location, location, location.

Also, in case that wasn’t enough for you, I also think it just might be a good idea, just maybe? To buy low, and sell high.

I know. Am genius. Must write book. Must patent system. Will make bajillions.

Will buy groceries with gold dubloons.

If you live in a small house, feel free to email me and tell me awesome and lovely it is. If you live in a large house, just keep it to yourself. Nobody likes a show off. πŸ™‚


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  1. Hey! My hubby and I live in 1000 square feet and it seems like plenty of space, but our baby is still conveniently constrained within the confines of my skin. I have noticed that if family comes to stay for a visit, 4 people milling about is pretty much capacity – 5 is too many!! I’m rooting for you guys; you’ll find something perfect!

  2. My hubby and daughter and I live in a 1,300 sq ft condo. While we occasionally lament the lack of storage for big things (bicycles, for example), we really do love our home and it generally feels quite spacious. And there is something freeing in keeping the amount of stuff to a minimum. Who likes clutter?

  3. My friend’s Misha and Stuart and their son Blix (found here: live in a 750 sq. ft. or something house in Seattle.


    Also. There’s this:

    But I don’t mean to sway you or anything.

  4. As soon as the baby sleeps through the night (which I’m starting to think will be right about NEVER), we will have three boys sharing a bedroom. A very small bedroom. So small that I briefly considered one of those triple-stacker bunk bed things but then the insanity passed and the new plan is to tear out the very small closet to get more floor space. How’s that for small?

    I guess it’s a good thing one of them wasn’t a girl.

  5. My hubby, son and I lived in a 900 sq. ft. house in Davis, California for a good while. It never seemed too small. Now we have a lot more room and a lot more junk. Don’t get the whole big house thing at all. Love your blog!

  6. 968 sq ft right here πŸ™‚ Not our dream home, but for now, it works for us. We remodeled the kitchen, and are slowly making it ours. It’s taken 2 years, and a lot of elbow grease and hard work, but it’s ours, and ours is good. We’ve made a lot of memories there. And of course it’s cramped, but I learned quickly to be an super organized freak, and a total cleaning nut. I was once the knick knack queen, but now minimalist describes me very well.

    Good luck!!

  7. We lived in a house under 900 sq feet. The only real reason we moved (besides the fact that we where just renting) was the fact that we really needed a third bedroom. If the little ones where of the same sex, we probably would still be there. Our house now isn’t insanely big (under 1400 sq ft), but I feel like I’m cleaning ALL the time now. Good Luck!!

  8. Get a tankless water heater. They rock!

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