Yesterday someone at work told my mom that she was her new BFF, and my mom had to get on the horn and call up all of her kids because she had no idea what the heck a BFF was, and I didn’t answer the phone and my brother didn’t answer the phone, and so my mom called Annie and asked her if she knew what it meant when someone calls you their BFF, and my sister said, solemnly

“Mom, I can’t help you, I have no idea what an EFF is.”

Apparently, though, once my mom cleared things up and enunciated Annie said “Oh!!!!!!!!!!! Sheesh, MOM! Everyone knows what a BFF is! It’s best friends forever!”

Thank goodness we got that cleared up.

Also, are there people in the world who don’t just google these things?

Dear Google, Should I buy a very tiny house?

Hmmm. Google was…noncommital. Maybe I should ask my sister.


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  1. Talk about not using Google…some idiot on Freecycle posted a “wanted” request looking for a list of animal shelters and dog rescues in a particular area.

    I just about cried. Then my head exploded.

  2. You know what confuses me, is when I see stuff like “BFF forever!”

  3. Make sure you enunciate properly to your sister. Otherwise, you might get the wrong answer.

  4. You know I started reading you because of a comment you made about your sister, but you don’t write about her very often so my mental images of her involve coach purses at the back of her closet, Hight School Musical and now a magic 8 ball-like tendency.

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