For You, Before You Are Born

I met your mother a life time ago, sitting on the sidelines of gym class.

And now, you are almost here.

( You might want to get a move on with that, by the way. Just a suggestion.)

I almost never think of you as a baby.  I’ve got no idea what you will look like on the day you are born.

Instead, I see a 15 year old Elena, an astonishing creature none of us could have imagined, beautiful, freckled, tall, with your mother’s long skinny legs, and gray eyes and dark hair, sitting on my front porch, wearing flip flops and shorts, eating my cookies and asking me about boys, telling me how your mom has messed up something again, complaining that she won’t let you bleach your hair or do your oral report on Hitler.

And I’ll tell you today what I’ll always tell you, about what I’ve learned in my life so far.  About how your  mother has been hurt in the same ways I have been hurt. How I understand her, next to myself, better than most anyone in the world.  She’s not perfect. She’s not an angel.  But she already loves you, will love you, will always love with you, with the fiercest kind of love a person can hope for.  It’s a fiery determined intensely loyal kind of love and it never goes out and the women who are lucky enough to earn it and to live up to it are the luckiest people in the world.

I know because I am one of those women.  And now you are too.

I hope and pray that you have an extraordinary life, but I know above all else that you will have an extraordinary mother.

And also?

I will always have gum.


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  1. Gosh, this is gorgeous. And that fiery, fierce love is the best kind of love to give in friendships.

  2. i wish you were my mom’s friend! 🙂 heh heh

  3. Siffle…beautiful!

  4. Elena you are so lucky.

  5. This is just — WONDERFUL.

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