I Was There In the Room*

I’m a writer, born and bred, but even I sometimes wonder if there are experiences so profound that they are beyond words.

Regardless, words are what I have, and so I will do my best.


The moment you were born, Elena, I was there, in the room.

I held your mother’s hand and she was holding your other mother’s hand and your aunt had a hand in there as well and it felt as though a current ran through us. Tears streamed down our faces and pure joy made us grin huge fantastic breathless grins. We had been in that hospital room for days, and at the end none of it mattered, cords and nurses and beds and beeps and monitors fell away and we could have been a circle of women anywhere in the world, on a mountaintop in the himalayas or kneeling by the sea or around a bed at home or anywhere, as we focused all of our pure energy on bringing our girl into the world.

I have never been more proud of your mother as I have been in that moment, unless it was in the thousands of moments that passed before it, as contractions flew by on the monitor and she breathed and worked and labored and pushed and nurses came in through the door and said “This is so amazing, this room is so amazing, you are so amazing, this is the most beautiful birth.”

And this circle of women surrounded you and your mother worked as she had never worked before and pushed and pushed and pushed and one minute you were not here and the next minute you were, and I have never seen anything so profound or instant as that that moment – where one second a baby was an idea and the next a person.

I forgot how tiny you would be, how amazing, how perfect.

Of all the moments in my life I treasure, your birth was a top five moment for sure. And two of those top five moments are sitting in the third row at a Portland Traiblazers game and driving towards the Hollywood sign at night, so I think it’s safe to say it was at least in the top three.

*Title shamelessly stolen from Eve Ensler.



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  1. Congrats to all!

    I just love that you talk about the WORK that Elena’s mom did. When my sister was in labor a few months ago, just knowing throughout the day HOW HARD SHE WAS WORKING blew me away. It still does.

    Beautifully written, this!

  2. Oooooohhhh…..I’ve been wondering where you were. You are so blessed to have been in that room.

  3. *need hankie*

  4. Wonderfully composed.

  5. Gorgeous…the writing and (of course!) little Elena. Oh my.

  6. Congrats to you and your friend. How beautiful.

  7. Congrats to everyone!

  8. wow…

    congratulations to the mamas, and welcome baby E! (another E!)

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