Random Six

Jennie tagged me for this meme and since this is really nothing more than an excuse to talk about myself even more than I normally do, well, that makes us all winners.  Except for you, of course.

SIx Random Things About Me

1.  If I wait too long in between hair cuts, I always get an irresistable urge to run into the bathroom and hack off all of my hair myself.  Sometimes I just go ahead and do it even though I shouldn’t and then it looks horrible and the next person who cuts it usually says something about how crooked it is.

2. I hate cauliflour. HATE HATE HATE.  To me it tastes like barf in vegetable form.  We got some in the farm box a few weeks ago and it was so freaking gorgeous I decided that maybe it was time to give cauliflower another chance.  The internet raves incessantly about roasted cauliflower so I cranked up the oven and forty five minutes later, it turns out I still hate cauliflower.  It will agree that it’s a gorgeous vegetable, despite the barf factor.

3.  Unless I buy clothes in a strict limit of colors, I can’t match them to each other.  If I buy dark brown pants, I’ll never wear them, because I can never figure out what to wear with them. And yet my favorite dress up outfit is an orange flowered skirt and a navy blue t shirt.  I’m not sure why the dark brown pants cook my brain but they do.

4.  I can only walk in high heels if they have an ankle strap.  Am I doing something wrong?  Because unless my shoes have an ankle strap they come off my feet as I walk.

5.  I never remember to wear any of my wedding/engagement rings, and I have three.  If Mr. E stopped wearing his wedding band I would kill him, but he doesn’t appear to notice that I never wear mine.

6.  I am an incredibly fast reader, always have been.  Whenever people realize how fast I can read something, they’re semi horrified.  I tend to get really sucked into books I like and I’ll do nothing but read for a day or so.  But if anyone else reads something instead of talking to me, it annoys the crap out of me.

I sound delightful, don’t I?


6 Responses

  1. Fast readers, unite!

  2. Another fast reader here!

    Also lots of colors go with dark brown: yellow, gray, white, greens, turquoise, pale pink, pale blue and some others (it’s a neutral).

  3. Actually, I notice all the time that you don’t wear your rings. That’s why I usually take mine off when I’m at work and out of town on business…

    just kidding!

  4. Chris is a fast reader as well. We were once on a flight to Palm Springs from Seattle and she read a 500 page book in the 2 hour flight, that isn’t me for sure.

  5. Brown pants are a huge issue for me too. If they had a little laminated card that had pictures of colors and stuff you could wear with brown pants I would totally buy it.

    One of my friends where’s navy blue with her brown pants and she pulls it off but I just don’t know that I can do that….I always end up wearing white or cream and I look like a washed out mess.

  6. Where the hell can I buy these pants that can make an ass look good. I need a pair? I live outside chicago for crying out loud, I should be able to drive SOMEWHERE to get a pair.

    I’m with you on the Cauliflower and reading thing. Matt calls it my addiction. He can’t keep enough books around before I read them all. Thank God I write a few of my own.

    Heels aren’t even in my wardrobe right now. With each kid my shoe size goes up. I gave up a ton of good shoes when the first was born. And again with round 2. I’m so depressed and broke I can’t replace what’s now gone.

    Got a brown pair of sweats… I wear it with dusty blues, pinks, and a few yellows. Though I look like shit in yellow.

    And yeah, rings. I wear mine all the time. I can’t comment. Sorry. But I think Mr H would kill me if I didn’t wear mine all the time.

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