Live Blogging Escrow From the Ramada Inn; Otherwise Known As I Can’t Believe I Just Ate More Pie

yes, yes, we are still here.  Still trapped in the Ramada Inn.

However, rumor has it that our mortgage agent farmed out some shit and paid down some shit and did his mortgage whatever hoo ha and even though we NEVER HEARD BACK FROM THE ORIGINAL LENDER some  other lender approved us in like two minutes.  Our mortgage broker is supposedly giving us some kind of refund and also claims that this is a super short amount of time to buy a house and also that he’s totally not going to make any money off this at all and I bet you can guess how long and hard I cried over that pitiable claim.   Whatever, call out the roving notaries, do what you have to do, let’s get this show on the road.

Also, I just remembered that we have to UNPACK a huge truck full of shit, so that should be fun.

I pray to god this comes to an end soon.  Somehow my life has been distilled down to a weird kind of oneupmanship, where I announce loudly to the heavens “I CANNOT TAKE THIS ANYMORE” and then god says “Oh yeah?”

I hope someday to look back on this and laugh, but whether I do or not, I know one thing for damn hell ass fire certain.  I will never ever ever ever ever ever eat at Baker’s Square again, for as long as I live.


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  1. You might not ever look back at this and laugh as it is horribly traumatic and stressful, but!! it will make you appreciate your new house (the same new house that you were not totally sold on) all that much more. Once all your junk is unpacked you will be able to really enjoy your house because if nothing else… it’s not the Ramada Inn!! Yeah!

  2. Woo-hoo! Homeownership here you come!

  3. I bet you are never going to want to stay in another Ramada Inn either! Good lord, I hope this is all over very soon and you are able to get into your own home finally!

  4. What is this Baker’s Square you speak of?

    And also- Ramada? OH NOES! Those are the WORST.

  5. You may or may not look back and laugh, but forgive me for snickering while I read your post–you’re too funny. Your post has a Gone With the Wind air to it [“as Gawd is my witness I shall never…”].

    It’s too bad there isn’t an emoticon for foot-stomping.

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