Live Blogging Escrow From the Ramada Inn : Otherwise Known As More Effing Pie

They just called. 6 pm. Mobile notary.

At Baker’s Fricking Square.


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  1. Wha–?! Are you kidding? What is going on!?

  2. Is that place like the nexus of the universe around there?

    I hope it went well. Please tell me you’re no longer living in a Ramada Inn.

  3. ugh – you just said you didn’t want to go to bakers square!

    that’s just rude, universe.

  4. You know, you and your family were the FIRST thing I thought about this morning. I do hope things move along and you will be home soon. I really do!

  5. What kind of pie? (I want creamy details.)

    At least Battlestar Galactica comes on tonight! If you are able to watch it…

  6. I am thinking calming thoughts for you.
    Mostly for the sake of these people who are keeping you from your home.

  7. I’m finally getting to catch up on your blog and the angst! I can feel the angst! I just hope that you guys have the strength to see this thing through and that the stars align nice and perfect because seriously? You have a Trader Joes within 5 minutes of you???

  8. And it all comes full circle now…

  9. Are you still alive or have you disappeared into a large vat of meringue?

  10. Missing you! I hope this means you have unloaded the truck in your new home and are furiously unpacking and nesting.

  11. I second the “missing you” thoughts! We’re in the middle of trying to get our place sold and so I’m on board with the stress, fatigue and fear feelings…I’m sending best thoughts your way and hoping you’re stocking up at Trader Joe’s as we speak!

  12. are you still at the ramada?
    Did you go postal on everyone and get arrested?
    princess nebraska we are worried.

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