The internet has returned, and I have a raging case of writer’s block. Of freaking course.

Nothing I have to say seems to be of any general interest AT ALL. Would you like to hear about how I can’t find a duvet cover I like? Somehow I didn’t think so.

Do you ever just feel like your life is this up and down curve and for no reason whatsoever sometimes you look at your life and things are just on a high point, and you’re happy, and sometimes you look at things and think “yeah, right now is kind of a dip, I would say.” And no matter what I do right now I’m in this dip and I can’t shake myself out of it.

Cue List of Boring Reasons Why My Life Sucks:

I have a cold. My husband keeps asking me if I am sure it’s not allergies, which has infuriated me beyond all reason. But really? IT IS NOT ALLERGIES.

Then of course there is moving into a new house, which is just an overall wretched process for a home body creature of habit such as myself. Nothing is in its place, nothing has a place, and that cooks my brain. Nothing fits, nothing goes, nothing is connected.

The cable man came and OF COURSE he didn’t install the right thing, the thing we ordered, so we have to dick around with that for another eleventy hundred hours. And nothing says fun like arguing with Comcast.

No matter what time we wake Eli up, he doesn’t want to go to sleep at night and it’s getting a little bit old. I’m having my period and cramps and Mr. E and I have been getting on each others last nerves. I wish Hallmark made a card that said ” I know you are working very very hard, but don’t leave your pants on the floor ANY MORE EVER the two have nothing to do with each other for christ’s sake just pick up your things you are not five.”

I want another baby, ish, but I don’t want to be pregnant, AT ALL. I think I probably just want to name something.

I want my front yard to look cute RIGHT NOW. Instead I am trying to figure out how to disguise the tv cable that has been punched right into the front of my house. And wondering why all those flowers I planted look so unpleasant and scrappy.

Everything needs time. Everything will happen in time. But I just simply hate waiting, so that isn’t a comfort for me, it’s annoying as all hell.

Boring boring boring, I am boring.

I just thought it would be SO fun to decorate a house that I owned and it is NOT. Instead it is confusing and stressful and fighty. Have you ever tried to find a duvet cover that’s on sale, that you like, that your husband won’t think is too girly, that your gay neighbor will secretly covet if he comes over to paint your bedroom, that your kids won’t be able to ruin with handprints, that you won’t hate in three months, that matches the lamp you want but can’t afford at Crate and Barrel, that your mom won’t say something rude about, that will someday help sell your house, and that will make everyone in blogland think “:oh, she has really good taste.?”

Yeah. Well. Haven’t found it yet.


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  1. I laughed out loud at the “I just want to name something.” Keep us posted on the duvet search. We’ve been in our house for over three months and we still don’t have nightstands, if that makes you feel any better at all.

  2. We’ve been in our house a year and it’s still a work in progress.

    I found our duvet @ Ikea. The only problem I had with going there is that they have an odd idea as to what size a “queen” or “king” is, compared to say-Target. So I ended up having to ALSO buy their quilt to go inside the damn thing.

  3. I have tried to find that duvet cover. It doesn’t exist.

  4. I spent about 17 years searching for a good duvet. Still haven’t found the perfect one, but I discovered that as with all things important, you can’t force it. Just let it go and go about your normal life and then BAM there it wil be and yes, it will be out of your price range but DAMMIT buy it then and there and then all will be well. This may not happen for years though. Sorry about that.

  5. Patience is not one of my virtues either! When we moved, it was really hard for my husband to convince me we couldn’t do everything within a week. I hated the reality check – I feel for you!

  6. You’re my favorite.

    Even in a dip, so funny.

    And you already planted shit? Man. I am NOT a winner.

    All in good time, my lovely friend.

  7. I’ve been desperately searching for a duvet cover too. With all of the specifications you have (except for the neighbor who is going to paint! What a find!!). If you find one, please let me know where!

    oh, and even with writers block you are relate able and funny!

  8. I was totally looking for that duvet cover, until my mom gave me one for Christmas that is 99% of what I was looking for. I figured that extra 1% doesn’t exist.

    Also, in the Cheung household it is known as Suckcast.

  9. I did find that duvet cover, actually, at Pier 1 just the other day. Except for the husband-girly part. And surprisingly, that one little quality kept me from buying it. Namely because I don’t have the energy to listen to him bitch about it.

    He always ruins my fun.

    I bet your house looks so cute already. And if it doesn’t, well. You still have your sense of humor. Post pictures!

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