Until the End of Time

Everything waits for something else.

You will have clothes that fit when you lose weight.  You will figure out how to feel good about yourself when you lose twenty pounds.  You will feel ready to have another baby when the first one stops being so much work.  You will be nicer to your husband when you are not so hot. You will go to the pool when you aren’t nervous about wearing a swimsuit in public.  You will return email when the baby takes a nap.  You will have a grown up bedroom with real furniture when you can afford it.

The universe wants me to buy a blue duvet cover or a red duvet cover but I REFUSE.  I will look for a green duvet cover come what may, until the end of time.  And now I have no choice in the matter because for the first time in my life I own a real grown up brand new to me real live dresser and I just bought green glass knobs to go on it and so the green ship has sailed, as they say.

I think it’s going to be lovely.  Someday.

I am also going to sign back up to Weight Watchers and start counting some points because it turns out that Trader Joe’s mini brownie bites aren’t the magical weight loss cure some might have thought they’d be.  How about that.

I just hope I can learn to hurry up when I am meant to and learn to slow down and wait when that is what is needed.  Sometimes I think the real answer is just to stop and ask myself “What do I really want?” and wait for an answer.

Why is that answer so hard for me to hear?


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  1. Lord life would be so fantastic if those brownie bites were the answer to weight loss.

    Great post though.

  2. Green glass knobs sound divine! It’s hard to always wait for the future. I have the same problem. I’m always planning ahead, playing what if and have trouble taking time to enjoy what we have and how far we’ve come.

    Beautiful post!

  3. New reader here, I was going to comment on your earlier post about trying to find the perfect duvet to say “Word!” and to say that it’s so good to know I’m not alone in my duvet search. I’m also looking for green. Has to be machine washable, not too boring but not too crazy, and a non-girly print. Immune to cat claws would be great, too!

    And these days I’m all about waiting – to live somewhere new, to buy a house, to have a dog, to have a better job. It’s not the most fun place to be.

  4. Turns out no brownies are good for you. Shoot! I wish you luck on your journey.

  5. Hey you know..as far as the house. It’s your home AND your job and you don’t have the cost of an extra car and it’s where you like to spend your time…so I was thinking. You don’t need any justification to make it look the way you want. Just be patient so you don’t go nuts! 🙂

    Word to the WW. Can I have your brownies?

  6. that is the hardest question.

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