P.O.O.P. has a nice ring to it

The house is coming together, sort of, very slowly, duvet covers not withstanding, but also I would like to say that when someone arranges to buy a credenza from you off Craigslist and they agree that, yes, they for certain want to buy it  and they will give you the $55 you want for it and you promise to deliver it the next morning and then instead of delivering it you email to say that it has been sold, that’s just rude, and also, um, maybe this is my mistake, but how can it be sold, didn’t you just sell it to ME?

Anyhoos, the thing with my house is that it has the worlds smallest bathroom, and I just bought these just amazingly awesome brand new fluffy white towels and I have got nowhere to hang them.  We need hooks on the back of the door, obvs, but I bought these from IKEA today and they are not cute on the white door.  I like these, but dear lord, I also like to eat.  So then I was thinking we have these white towels and you can’t tell one from the other and what if god forbid I accidentally use the same one that Mr. E used, although truthfully I will most likely always be able to identify Mr. E’s towel because it will be the one lying on the bedroom floor.  Regardless, the point of this story is that I thought it would be super cool to buy these so we could each have our own but I was hard core foiled because  all of our names start with same damn letter.

So I have to come up with some alternate letters, besides E.  G for Guests, but then what? Mr. suggested D for Dad, M for Mama, and E for Eli, but I don’t want to be Mama.  Blegh.  I guess I could spell a word but I think random letters is way more fun.  Any ideas?   I definitely should have considered the negative interior decorating impact of marrying an E and having another E.  Boo Urns.


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  1. I’m partial to poop as well. Because poop is my whole life.

  2. I bet we have a smaller bathroom than you. 😛

    How about Awesome, Awesomer, and Awesomest?

  3. We all use the same towels…just now realized how gross that is…

  4. Could you write out His, Hers, and Eli’s?

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