An Endless Supply

It’s always a good sign when the plumber lets out a long, low “Oh. My. God.” from behind your house.  And damn, this plumbing shiznit is so freaking noisy. Which ordinarily wouldn’t be a big deal but I did not dope my teething toddler to the gills with Tylenol and Motrin and Jif just so you could wake him up with your plumber banging, for god’s sake.

I honestly can’t believe how boring home ownership has made me and my blog, I swear it would be at least marginally more exciting if I could find my camera charger, at least then I could throw in some pictures.  The other day I realized that my life would be simpler and less full of strife if I just accepted that no one except me cares if my baby sleeps.  It’s a wretched position to be in – you spend half your life and all of your sanity trying to achieve this one thing that no one else gives a shit about – but it’s the truth, really, it is, and we should all just accept it.  Anyway, I have the feeling that my home improvements may fall into that same category – does anyone else really care that we’re getting a tankless hot water heater and actual electrical outlets in our kitchen (deluxe!) and a dishwasher? Probably not.

But still! A tankless hot water heater? How frakking awesome is that?

Mr. E has assured me that this promise of an endless supply of hot water does not mean that I can go into the shower and never come out, to which I say: “Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha see you in 2012.”

Also, new stainless dishwasher? OMG LOVE.  I have been without a dishwasher of any kind for almost two and half years now and I swear to god at times I thought I would lose my mind with the amount of time I spent washing dishes and I am here to tell you that as god is my witness I will never hand wash a bottle again.  NEVER.

I’m still looking for lots of things to go in our house – we don’t have anything to hold any of our useless fancy wedding china and we probably need more bookshelves and something to hold our tv, but I can’t find anything that’s really what I’m looking for.  I don’t want to spend insane amounts of money but I don’t want a house full of crap either.  And it is really really difficult to get out of the habit of buying cheap crappy stuff – I am trying to be patient and buy the right thing, the thing I really want, but it is so tempting to buy the cheap shitty stop gap alternative at Target.

Speaking of which, I decided that I didn’t want to sink $60 worth of fancy Anthropologie hooks into a hollow core bathroom door. All the doors in this house are terrible and will be replaced with real wood doors at some point down the road and then I’ll buy some overpriced hooks.  In the meantime I stuck the $1.50 hook rail from IKEA on the door and moved on with my day.  I did add some fabric covered buttons to designate whos towel was whos and hopefully it doesn’t look TOO quinky.  Maybe I should just print some nice labels or something.  Hmmm.  Pictures if I ever find my camera charger.

So far the most exciting thing I’ve done all day was to sign us up for the Do Not Call List because holy eff, those telemarketers were on our new numbers like white on rice.  It was like sharks circling, seconds after we got them.  This morning I got a call that was just a blaringly loud recording of a ship’s horn, and then the announcement “AHOY! This is your captain speaking!” So Awesome.  I’m sure that really sells the hell out of boats or whatever other oceanic crap you’re peddling.

In other news, I could really use a sandwich.


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  1. I got a sad telemarketing recording yesterday that said, “Please don’t hang up.” Great, RECORDED telemarketers are now begging. New. Lows.

  2. Uh. What does it say about me that I want to hear about your kid sleeping and plumbing?

  3. An endless supply of hot water, I am so jealous!!

  4. like white on rice

    Or, as my esteemed advisor would say, “like a duck on a june bug.”

    I am now totally, utterly seethingly jealous of you and your tankless water heater. Can I just say that we have been dreaming of and yearning for and obsessing about getting a Bosch tankless water heater? For years? YEARS. I’ve owned my house for 6 years and still have my stupid gas-fired heater and you’ve lived in your house for like 2 weeks and you’re getting a tankless water heater.

    Let me know if the reality lives up to the hype. Maybe that will be enough to push us over to the dark, eternally warmed side.

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