Emergency Duvet Help

So here are my bedroom curtains.  (These are from West Elm, mine are from Pottery Barn, whatevs, they look exactly like this).

I also have this white dresser in my room

but I replaced the quinky knobs with green glass knobs. I’ve got a potted palm sitting on the dresser and then I have this lamp

attached to the wall.

I’m about to buy some green striped sheets at Macy’s because I want to marry them, whether or not they are soft or not, they’re 50% off and then I have a coupon for another 20% off and did I mention they are striped?

Stripped? So confusing.


I found this duvet cover which I love.

And Mr. E doesn’t hate it!  It’s from Pottery Barn via Ebay, but it’s very very white,  I think we can all agree, and I’m worried that it totally won’t go, at all, with the drapes.

Opinions?  As long as your opinion is something other than that I need anti anxiety meds, let’s hear it.

Super Mega Bonus Question Which I Am Sure You Also Don’t Care About:

J Crew dress…cute or too little kiddey? Keep in mind, am 5’2″. Okay, fine. Am 5’1″.

PS Have ordered orange lamp, based solely on opinion of internet. Together, we are changing the world. One orange lamp at a time.


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  1. I would be all paranoid about the duvet too, but I promise no one will notice but you. And obviously me if I ever came to visit.

    And I’ve been debating that dress forEVER. It’s totally cute.

  2. Go with what you love. And maybe throw in some other cream and white accents to make it look like you did it on purpose.

    As for the dress…if you can pull it off, go for it!

  3. I think the duvet will look fine with the curtains. I love the dress, but I hear you about the maybe too kiddy thing…..not sure though. Hmmm.

  4. I love that dress. I’ve seen your pictures. You’ll look adorable. I have no doubt.

    Also, I think it’ll look great with the curtains. If it needs a little color to balance it, add some curtain hooks in that green shade that matches your dresser. World Market has some great ones.

  5. The dress is cute, and I agree with the person above who said if you can pull it off. But that’s a big if. That dress would look terrible on me, I’m sure.

    Hey, Abby has that same dresser! No nice green glass knobs though. Not sure why I’m so amazed at this coincidence. Ohmygod, you have Ikea furniture too? How crazy is that!!

    The duvet is lovely. Does the ebay thing mean no returns allowed? I have a buy-and-return problem, so I’m wary of things that I can’t return.

  6. Dress is totally cute. And I think you do need to be a petite person to wear it. So get it.

    Once again, hating to be a buzzkill, but I’ll be honest. Not loving the duvet cover with those curtains. Love both of them separately, but I have my own personal demons with cream and white. So maybe it’s just me.

  7. Cute duvet! If you love it, I think you should go for it. For me, cream and white in theory should be fine, they’re both neutrals. Worst case scenario, if they clash in real life, are the curtains expendable? I don’t mean that in the “swimming with the fishes” way, but can you use them in another room? Given how passionately you’ve been searching for the right duvet, if this is the right one for you, maybe it should take priority and the rest of the room can work around it.

  8. I love the dress! Adorable.

    The curtains are awesome, but I too would be worried about the white and cream clashing. What color are the green sheets striped with? Cream or white?

    Here’s a duvet cover suggestion:

    I have this in my guest room with pretty green walls and cream curtains, and the flowers are great and the color is somewhere between white-white and cream. I love it!

  9. What color are your walls? Either way, I’m game with the curtains, sheets, and duvet. just go for it (but hell we’re Pottery Barn Sisters, grabbed myself a duvet from them too).

    The dress… yes. Since I know you in person, kiddie or not, you can wear the damn thing. Think summer. Thing cute. Think flip flops. Think comfort. Get the damn thing. 😉

  10. The dress is cute and I don’t think short has anything to do with it. As long as your legs aren’t the shortest bit of you, you’re a-ok.

    As for the duvet and the curtains…my gut says no…and something tells me your gut says no too. I’d say keep the duvet and find a new home for the (beautiful) curtains. Or, feel free to completely ignore my assvice:)

  11. I’m also a dissenter on the duvet. I was totally on board and jealous of the room elements you presented up until you got to the duvet.

    The mix of white and cream, and stripes and flowers would work IF you were doing a shabby chic look. But the curtains and the lamps have a distincly modern vibe. Especially since it’s from eBay and you can’t be 100% on the elements of it, I say no go.

    And not that I’m in support of it for this room, but if you wanted to, you could try to tea die the duvet set. Research the technique online–it really does add a nice vintage-y feel and would totally save you from all that white.

  12. Oh, lord. I am NOT good at this. Will you help ME when we move? Please???

  13. i’m short too..5’1 also…i cannot pull dresses like that off. i end up looking like a 12-year-old pregnant child.

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