Crap to Stack

So the Target lamp arrived and it’s totally too short.  It needs to be nice and tall to add dimension to the ends of the room, and it’s also too similar to the height of the fireplace mantel. Mantle? Whatevs, it’s short.

The CB2 lamp is only slightly taller, not enough to justify spending more money and dealing with the hassle of returning the Target lamp, so I ended up furiously googling tripod lamps to figure out if they’re all vertically challenged, and that’s when I realized that a long time ago in an overpriced boutique in Ann Arbor, this

implanted itself in my brain and THAT’S the tripod lamp I want. Please click through and view the price and return here when you have finished laughing hysterically at my champagne tastes.

For some reason this whole tripod lamp thing has reminded me of the time my mom and dad, when they were still married, looked for a dining room table together for about nine billion years, and apparently every table they saw my dad poo pooed, and even though we all knew it was because he’s the cheapest man ever born on this earth, he would frown and shake his head and say, over and over, “It just doesn’t feel very sturdy.” So eventually my mom went out and behind my dad’s back bought a dining room table for A THOUSAND DOLLARS, which at the time, to me, was a straight up shocking amount of money, and when my dad came home the table was sitting in the dining room with a note taped to it that said “Well, it IS sturdy.”

I just can’t believe they got divorced. Although you should note that my mom has the dining table to this day, and it’s sturdy as hell.

Needless to say, I will be keeping the Target lamp, which is already at the high end of my budget, but can I take a moment here and ask why the copiers of high design always seem to gink things up in some way? I just can’t believe that to get a nice big tall tripod lamp one must have access to the Franklin mint, or something, but whatever. I wracked my brain for a solution to the height problem and then I thought I’d set the lamp on a few vintage striped suitcases, to sort of mix things up stylistically and give it that whole “casual old shit I had lying around randomly grouped together” vibe.

What do you think? Can anyone thing of 1. where I could get said suitcases or 2. any other crap I could stack my lamp on?


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  1. $1200 for a lamp? I cannot envision a scenario in which I do not find that offensive, vast fortune or not.

  2. could you stack it on…uh…a box of diapers? yeah. I’m no help.

  3. well, it is pretty. but ha! I mean, in my mind you can buy a car for less than that. (I notice they have the 110% price match offer; want me to set up a fake web site where I’m selling that same lamp for fifty bucks, and then you can get it from them? Or would that be fraud?)

    The stacking-on-crap look is nice, but I have to say that I would try to avoid it, with a little dude crawling around and getting into things and knocking stuff over.

  4. Dude, over a thousand for a lamp?! Crazy talk.

    Is the entire lamp going to be in plain view? Including the bottom? If not you could just set it on some random box of sorts. Or if it is vieweble then maye you could find vintage looking suitcases or something similar at cheap places like Ross or Home Goods.

  5. ON SALE for $1188????? Bwaaah!

    You could totally make that yourself. Lamps are just a place to stick a socket and a wire. I’m thinking you could get some copper pipe from the hardware store and come up with something clever. Ooh and then you could see them too.

  6. I meant, “sell” them.

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