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I was thinking of how to write an I sort of went to Blogher recap post without being gushy or annoying or in-jokey or name droppery, and I thought I would just tell you this.

This weekend was one whole huge weekend chock full of my favorite things.

I got to eat Thai food and sushi and introduce a weight loss blogger to Inn and Out, AND we watched them make the french fries.  Jennette was super cool, and we showed her all around San Francisco, the wharf and Haight Ashbury and the Golden Gate bridge arching up out the fog.  I sat around in a hotel room with four amazing and lovely women while they gushed over my son and made me laugh and told me stories about sex bloggers (who knew!) and just generally reminded me that as weird as the internet can be, friends can be made anywhere and at anytime and sometimes things really do just seem to click.

I got tipsy on Jack Daniels at the top of the Marriott and spied, from waaaaaay up high, someone having their wedding pictures taken on a windy, cold, July day.  Red roses and all. It was inexplicably lovely.

My husband let me sleep in until nine am and then I ate croissants and fruit and a latte  – right across the street!  I took pictures that won’t turn out to be anything but blurs and I tried to explain twitter to Mr. E and I had a favorite life moment when we took Eli and Jennette to see the sea lions and Eli turned to me and squeeked, clear as day, “Arf arf arf!”

I did not wear my new shoes or my new dress and I cursed San Francisco for her dismal weather, and I formulated a new life rule that goes something like “Never ever ever ever ever ever EVER leave the house without a spare pair of fleece yoga pants and also San Francisco is not the city to wear a wrap skirt in ever.  The end.”

Everyone I met was delightful.  Even the people I didn’t meet were delightful – when I got home late last night I had an email from Slynnro telling me how bummed she was that we didn’t get to meet.  What a nice cool thing to do. I was also bummed that we didn’t connect, but next year we are gonna hit Neiman Marcus HARD.

This was the year that I dipped my toe in the Blogher pool to test out the water – don’t want to get into these things too fast, you know.  I can tell you that I intend to go next year, for sure, all the way, with the registering and everything.  But I am very happy I tested the water in this way because I think I learned some valuable lessons about myself and fame and the internet and blogging and people.  And mostly what I learned was this.  If you are going to Blogher so you can meet pseudo famous people and run up screaming to people you have never met in real life and leverage your brand and increase your page views and latch onto the coattails of some big time bloggers and hope that they lurve you and see the genius in your finely crafted wordcraft missives, I’m not sure you’ll have a good time.  The stress of all that networking alone could probably kill you.

However. If you come to Blogher intending to meet some new fabulous women who happen to also write about their lives on the internet, if you forget about page counts and business cards and twitter and shoes and just let it go, I think you will find kindred spirits, forever friends, all around you.  I think I did.

Jennie and I walked through H & M talking about babies and husbands and life, and I said something about how my life has always shown me that when you let things go, when you really give up, that somehow, that’s when what you’ve been looking for all along seems to find you.



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  1. Bummer bummer.

    But glad you had fun anyway! And I’m so sad I missed out on the sex blogger chatting. Raven told me about that. Poo.

  2. It really was so lovely to meet you and your insanely adorable family. I told my momma that I just couldn’t wait to get home and hold Jackson once I had the chance to hold Eli for a bit. I’m so glad you all took the time to come and meet a few people. 🙂

  3. oh, that sounds fun. and perfect for a fellow non-networky ass-kissy blogger like me. when I first started blogging, I had no idea I’d end up making real-life friends out of it.

  4. oh wow. you went to blogher? wic.
    We did a little version here in Niagara falls and had a conference call with the other gals from TO.
    I’m not into the branding either. I might go next year if it is in Boston as I heard so hopefully I will get a chance to run up to you screaming.

  5. I’m so glad I got the chance to meet you and have lunch. It was a lovely afternoon.

    I also enjoyed hanging with you and your fabulous men! I hope the 10,000 pics I took of your son yields one or two that are cute and save worthy. I don’t post pics of other people’s spawn so I’ll e-mail any that turn out and you can post if you choose.

  6. That last paragrah was beautiful. I’m really glad I got to meet you and the rest of your lovely family. Your son convinced me that I will be just as happy with a baby boy than a baby girl, whenver I do have kids 🙂 He is adorable!

  7. Your son was stunning. And that walk around H&M was one of my favorite memories of the trip. I seriously felt like we had been friends for years. I knew it would be like that, but it was refreshing anyway.

  8. Someday, maybe, i’ll gather the courage to go to BlogHer. Until then, I’m enjoying all the recaps and your lovely post.

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