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Do you ever feel like the world is just one big joke that you don’t get? Like maybe somewhere someone once thought something was funny and everyone else was afraid to look stupid and admit that they didn’t get it so they just pretended it was funny too and then we everyone laughed SO harrrrrrrd at the big funny funny and meanwhile, I’m just sitting there scratching my head going “Huh?  I don’t get it.”

That’s how I feel about Ben Stiller.  Not funny.  Or rather, that’s how I used to feel, until the reviews for Tropic Thunder started rolling in, and I discovered that it’s totally ridiculously horrifyingly offensive, and now I just plain hate his weasely little guts.

In case you’ve never heard of this movie, in the words of Special Olympics Chairman Timothy Shriver, it is “an unchecked assault on the humanity of people with intellectual disabilities — an affront to dignity, hope and respect.” They also apparently say retard about seven trillion times through out the course of the movie.


If you’ve read my blog for awhile you know that I have a sister with Down Syndrome. You know my feelings on the R word.  You could probably guess that a movie like this makes me sick to my stomach. I believe this sort of behavior, putting this out into the world, is shameful and disusting and evil, and while I will and always will protect your right to free speech with every fiber of my being, I also believe that just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should.  That you would willingly create something that tears down the innocent of the world just makes me physically ill.  What shoddy shoddy behavior.

I ask you, if I have ever meant anything to you, if you care one iota about my feelings or the feelings of my sister or anyone else out there who is little less fortunate than you are, to vote with your feet. Raise your hand and say “NOT FUNNY.”  Join with me and others across the world in boycotting this movie.  I’m adding Ben Stiller to the Permanent Lifetime Ban and I’d love nothing more for this movie to put his career in the absolute toilet. Although when you’ve gone so far down the road of the unfunny that the only thing you can pull out of your ass to try to get laughs is making fun of the mentally retarded, maybe you’re already there.

Vile. Just vile.


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  1. Not funny. I agree!

  2. See, your last line there, I totally, whole-heartedly agree with. If you’re funny, BE FUNNY. Why do you have to be funny by being so totally ignorant and immature?

    I won’t see it, darling. Although, honestly, I haven’t laughed once at the previews I’ve seen, so I had no interest in seeing it anyway.

  3. I had no idea that is where the movie went, I guess I have seen the wrong previews. I might have seen it not knowing and then been pissed off that I spent my money and had to walk out on a movie, thank you for giving me a head’s up.

  4. Right on!

    Ben Stiller is a jackass. He just sucks.

    But this?

    “Although when you’ve gone so far down the road of the unfunny that the only thing you can pull out of your ass to try to get laughs is making fun of the mentally retarded, maybe you’re already there.”

    I love it.

  5. I have always loathed Ben Stiller. All the more reason.

  6. Quite right. The term is reprehensible and deplorable. It is a shame that his movies are what pass for humor these days.

  7. I just briefly saw part of the trailer last night and only made it about 10 seconds before I clicked. It just seriously looks stupid – and I’m actually a Ben Stiller fan. I’ve got no plans to ever see this idiocy – life is too short to fill it up with inane shit.

  8. I have a sister with neurofibromtosis, she is 25 but is mentally about a 7yo. While I find these kinds of movies repulsive I have also learned to accept that some people find this funny. It doesn’t mean that I go see these movies but we have to deal with these stereotypes. How do we deal with them, not seeing the movies, writing letters (if aso inclined), and just doing every little thing we can. I wil do my little part and add Ben Stiller to PLB.

  9. Solidarity, sister. I won’t see it, either. If I thought Ben Stiller was enlightened enough to read, I would write. him. And I join Jen in loving that sentence.

  10. I too love the sentence and have already placed Ben Stiller on my PLB . I don’t see how people can find being mean funny.

  11. Not funny. I have a brother was tormented all through school because he has learning disabilities and nothing makes my blood boil more than people who make fun of others. I had similar feelings when that Johnny Knoxville Special Olympics movie came out.

  12. I’ve never liked Ben Stiller. Like you, I just don’t get him. But now I loathe him.

    There’s an online petition out there against the movie. You should sign it. I did.

  13. I volunteered with the Special Olympics in high school and I can say that the term retarded does not apply to the wonderful and loving people I worked with, nor does it apply to any person with intellectual disabilities. Shame on you, Ben Stiller.

  14. Frankly, I didn’t think Robert Downey Jr. made to look like an African-American character is all that funny, either. It seems like Stiller was on a quest to be offensive. His last movie bombed horribly, let us see what happens with this one.

  15. Okay, I know I’m sticking my head in the lion’s mouth here, and I could be wrong — my knowledge is only based on the preview, which I’ve seen several times at this point.

    My impression was that the movie was very specifically *not* making fun of people with disabilities, but rather, making fun of the actors who *play* people with disabilities. Near as I can tell, it’s supposed to be a rather vicious commentary about how low actors will sink in pursuit of Oscar glory — and how the Academy Awards always seem to focus on the most hammed up, stereotypical portrayals of the deaf sexually abused lesbian pianist with breast cancer. Specifically, I’m pretty sure Stiller’s character is supposed to be an indictment of Forrest Gump (who, however you felt about the movie itself, definitely got as much acclaim as he did because of the specific lust for exploitive sob stories that Hollywood seems to get off on). So, overall, I think that Stiller is supposed to go way, way over the top to make the point that movies do this all the time, and it’s just as offensive in that toned-down version.

    I could be entirely wrong, having not seen the movie. But that’s definitely the impression I’ve gotten from the preview. And if it turns out to be the hard line skewer of an aspect of Hollywood I’ve always detested — treating real issues in life as hammed-up fairy tales, rather than an honest exploration of the topic — then I will probably see it.

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