Olympic Hangover

Is anyone else so ready for fall?

Fall is just such a movie season, at least in my head.

I like to sit around while I’m sweating balls and sucking down another Extreme Gulp full of lukewarm Diet Coke and romanticize fall. You know, in my spare time?

I’ve already scienced out a project involving my front steps, candy corn, and some mason jars.  I’m thinking dreamily of my first pumpkin spice latte.  I picture myself walking down a country road covered in fall leaves, wearing plaid.  I have the strong urge to tail gate something. I’m planning my FOUR YEAR blogiversary.  I am way way way way way too excited for the season premiere of One Tree Hill and I might have thought a time or two or ten about buying a pair of shoes just so I could take pictures of them for NoBloShoeMo or whatever the heck it is.

Fall, when I think of it, is always that scene in When Harry Met Sally when Harry and Sally are walking around the city doing that weird Indian accent and Sally is wearing that wool jacket and that long purse?  In the movie of my life fall happens like that.

Of course I am the girl who has declared many many many many many many times in her life that she’d like to move permanently to the land of Endless Summer, and live out the rest of her days wondering whether tomorrow was going to be 82 or 81 degrees.   Yesterday the heat wave broke and I had to wear a HAT because it was 90 degrees and my ears got cold. I don’t deal well with cold, and I have never, since the dawn of time, wanted it to be fall before.

Maybe I just have an Olympic hangover.  I tried really hard to care about the Olympics, I wanted to get on the Michael Phelps bandwagon, I tried to find some underdogs to root for, but so far, eh.  It’s on too late at night and also, Michael Phelps is just not my type.  My type is much more the boy who would dislocate something just looking at a pool.  That or the boy who’s already been kicked out for smoking in the locker room.  Or Apollo Anton Ohno.  Maybe I am just a product of our over stimulated society. I did find myself watching the synchronized diving and thinking, “why stop at two? Why not three, or four? Hell, why not FIVE?!”

Perhaps I am ill.  I did get  baptized with my first projectile vomit on Friday night, courtesy of Senor Pants.  Projectile vomiting whole bananas onto his mother since 2008.

Anyway, for whatever reason, this is the first time in my entire life I have ever gotten my fill of summer.  You know, I am strangely tickled by that.

And also I am going to San Fran again this weekend so that Mr. E can go listen to some ear bleedy hipster noise disguised as music, and San Fran is the land of perma fall, so there’s that.

I’m putting up some new stuff in the shop today and tomorrow, go check it out!


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  1. I am perpetually ready for fall. It is my favorite season and one we see far too little of here in Texas’ armpit. Fall has the best food, clothes and holiday (HALLOWEEN!!)

  2. I love love love fall. Summer is so blisteringly hot here that fall is welcomed the second it drops to 75, and of course, football season 🙂

    In re: to your etsy shop, you make the cutest vintage/modern baby/nursery items! Why is it so impossible for manufacturers to make modern nursery sets that also look like a child’s room?? It just seems impossible sometimes to find something I like for a little boy. Everything seems soooo pastel/cutesy/trademarked. Did you run into that problem as well?

  3. 1. I cannot EVER wait for fall. It’s my fave.
    2. I tried to get into the olympics too…and Michael Phleps as well…a B-more hometown hero…but what IS it with it being on so late?
    3. All I even SAW was syncro diving. Was it just….always on? And why NOT more than 2?
    4. I wanna move to SF. But not for the music. For the weather.

  4. I want to be like Pres. Bush, hugging all the women’s volleyball players. Here are some things he whispered in their ears as he was hugging them:

    “Have you met the Chief Executive?”
    “How long you been playin’ with them balls?”
    “Laura’s game…”

    And finally…

    “Wanna see my Dick Cheney?”

    Thank you, thank you. i’ll be here all week.

    PS. I just made all these up. I rule!

  5. I’m seriously about to write a post about how I hate summer. HATE IT. And I don’t care if people start putting out their Christmas Decorations in February, I’ll never complain again. IT GIVES ME SOMETHING TO HOPE FOR.

  6. I day dream about fall too but then I snap out of it and remind myself I hate the cold and I better enjoy summer while it is here

  7. well I think fall and Christmas are just around the corner. I got my Sears Christmas Wishbook in the mail today.

  8. Wait wait hold up- there’s *synchronized* swimming now?? Man, I am totally out of the Olympics loop. I usually don’t wish for cold weather, but I’m rocking a bit of heatstroke right now so I’m totally with you on this.

    Also: have fun in S.F.!

    Also: 4 year bloggiversary?! Awesome!

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