I Can Only Think of Sort of A Dirty Title For This But I Thought It Was Too Innapropriate*

My husband just tried to hide his Otter Pop wrapper in a plant pot in the living room!  !!!! Good god.

Speaking of the living room, we have the worlds most awkwardly shaped living room, I believe I have mentioned that before.  This weekend we had an enormous fight in which I believe I was referred to as Sassypants several times.  I may have used a few choice expressions (cough “dickhead” cough) myself. After we had that out, we rearranged our living room, and it looks way way better than it did before but I had to repurpose my beloved $50 Target hallway table into a behind the couch table, and so now I need a new hallway table.

Which brings up my decorating philosophy.  Did you know I had a decorating philosophy?  Well, I do.  In general, I’m a fan of modern design, just because I hate clutter and I like clean lines.  But I’m also a big fan of vintagey, cottagey, pottery barney, french industrial, farmy, spanish, hollywoody girly shabby chic and so I try not to get all worried about what exactly my style is.  I am huge believer in the idea that if you buy things you love, regardless of labels, eventually they’ll all just fall together in a way that works and that looks like you.

My taste changes from day to day anyway.  Some days I want nothing more than a whole house full of that chippy paint furniture.  Other days I wish everything I owned was made of cool clean stainless steel.  Some days I dog ear every page in the Pottery Barn Teen catalog and oogle pink refrigerators.

Regardless, Mr. E isn’t really a pink refrigerator type of dude, and he has expressed a distinct dislike of chippy paint.  He really loves California Modern, but our house was built in 1935, not 1955 or 1975, and I think trying to shoehorn an era onto a house feels awkward and themey and it might surprise you to learn this but “awkward and themey” is not the look I’m going for.

This is just a really boring and long winded way of saying that I get around all of this decorating schizophrenia by semi unconsciously decorating my house in zones.  Eli’s bedroom is the vintage/classic/potterybarn kids zone.  The dining room is the french/hollywood regency/craftsman zone.  The kitchen is trending towards farmhouse with a little Martha Stewart thrown in.  The bathroom is a war zone where flying toilet germs launch themselves towards my toothbrush on a regular basis.  The bedroom is the cozy retreat zen zone, and the living room is the midcentury modern zone, and the hallway/foyer is going to be the farmhouse/shabby chic/country zone.

Anyway, it’s empty right now, but I’ve got some big ideas.

I’m thinking this pendant lamp, which I can only sort of afford, someday, but which I love so much I must have it anyway, and I am I the only one wondering if I could make this out of one of those fluted tin jello molds from the thrift store:

This is the table I want but can’t afford.  LOVE.

And another one I love and can’t afford,

and these are the two tables I can afford that I am choosing between. I would replace the knobs on both of them with white milk glass knobs.  I’m not going to tell you where either of them is from because I don’t want to influence your decision.

Mr. E hates number two and thinks it’s too country cabin.  I think it would be nice, with white knobs, and I am worried number one is too small, and it gives me a teeny bit of an asian vibe, which is not what I’m going for.

I won’t buy either one until I check out the Alameda Flea Market, but I want to have a plan in place so I am not emotionally devastated when I don’t find anything there.

Hey, I take my tables seriously.


By the way, if I ever do find a table I’m going to put a bunch of trinkety knicknackery crap on it, including one of those glass bell jars, so that Mr. E can bitch at me every day for putting breakable items on wobbly tables, because that’s the kind of fun that money just can’t buy.

*Zone Awesome Is In My Pants


14 Responses

  1. This confusion you deacribe here? Also my style. Sucks.

  2. I far prefer table number one. Surely you will share where it is from once you decide so I can copy you without needing to be the slightest bit original. Luckily, we live on opposite sides of the country, so our friends and acquaintances will never know I copied from you.

    (Actually, I don’t have room for a new table, but I do like it)

  3. i prefer table number two. one gives me an unstable feeling, and you could put waaay more junk on number two.
    I want to see photos of the different zones!

    … except zone awesome

  4. I like number one, it actually doesn’t give me the asian-y vibe but is just plain more interesting. Number two might be okay with a different finish, that color is too oak-y for my liking, it makes it too clunky (even with the knobs you plan on). I tend to think hallways are claustrophobic so the lighter lines of the first one appeals to me more for a hallway space.

  5. I guess I’m the minority here because I like the 2nd table. I also LOVE the 2nd table in the “can’t afford” category.

  6. I am not a big fan of the first table, but I love the second one. Like Amy, I also love the second one that is too expensive. I love the pendant lamp too!

  7. I like the second table too, but it definitely is country cabin. That doesn’t bother me, in that I like country cabin, and rather wish I was in one right now.

  8. I like #2 but really wish it was closer to the color of #1. I just think #2 could be more useful to you with the extra space of the drawers.

    The other day I caught my husband trying to stash his gum wrapper inside the ottoman. What is it with men?!

  9. I’m voting for table two because those drawers just look very useful. Neither of those tables is too cabin-y for me, or what I would call “welcome friends.” (That hearkens images of geese and silk flowers from my youth, though thankfully not my parents’ house.) I would love to see more images of your style philosophy. I’ love to see what other people love to have in their homes, as I feel pretty strongly about what I put in mine.

  10. I was gonna say table one, but then you mentioned the slightly asian-y vibe…and yeah, I can see that…but nah…not really. But yeah, more space in the second one…but still. i am sticking with one. 🙂

  11. I LOVE the table with wheels. So much fun!

    But of the affordable tables? I say #1.

    You should take pictures of each room in your house and post them, I wanna see!

  12. I prefer the style of number one, but I do think it’s too small.

  13. Definitely number 2!!

  14. Love #1… #2 is nice but kind of boring.

    And this is my style as well… I find it so hard to pin down and I love shots of sleek minamalist designs as much as those of carefully arranged clutter.

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