Aw. You Don’t Like Me! You Really Don’t Like Me!

Can I confess something to you all?

I’ve been writing this blog for darn near four years and in all that time, I have never gotten a mean comment.  I’ve had zero trolls, I haven’t deleted anything.  No one came by anonymously to rain on my parade.

And I felt really left out.

Clearly I spew out enough emotional sturm and drang here on a daily basis to leave me open for oodles of criticism, and so I just assumed that I  never got mean comments because of the law of numbers – not enough people were reading.  I always told myself that the day I got a mean comment it would mean I had made it after all, and I watched and waited, and still, nothing.

Very shortly, ON MY PERSONAL BLOG WHERE I WRITE ABOUT ME, (oh, the shocker)  I will go back to writing about how I am seriously upset with my life followed by a post with an overwhelming realization that I am, in fact, not, but first…

I am very happy to announce, with comment number 10 on August 21st, that I have arrived!

Woo hoo!

Although, really? I’m kind of concerned that it’s not that rude. Sigh.  I wish these things were less confusing. Perhaps if I was less self absorbed I could figure it out.  But anonymous did call me hilarious, and that’s a compliment, so I just don’t know. Crap.

Could someone please just tell me “You Suck” so Dooce and I can start braiding each other’s hair?


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  1. You totally suck.

  2. I almost had a troll once…but mainly I have to delete spam. Lately I have had to delete Russian spam. I didn’t even know they had spam in Russia!

  3. In my mind, the words “blog” and “self-absorption” are essentially interchangeable. What the hell is my personal blog for, anyway, if not the kind of navel-gazing that used to exist only in the pages of my countless adolescent journals? I’ve just realized it’s a lot easier to type my angst than write longhand. Plus I can edit stuff without scribbling.

    God bless the Internet and endless introspection.

    Yeah, you totally suck, you, you, SELF-ABSORBED WHINER.

    I mean that will all the love in my heart. 🙂

  4. Woo hoo! Way to roll with it.

    I really do get pretty irritated when someone decides to be a condescending jerk, but doesn’t have the balls to leave their name. Insecure jerks.

  5. dude I thought i was the ONLY ONE who enjoyed it when mean things are said about me! CONGRATS! and yes, not mean enough!!

    well, because i love ur blog so much, i give you this:

    you suck donkey balls. hairy ones.

  6. I have never had a rude comment, but a couple asses have emailed me about a post where I mentioned breast reduction surgery once. Those particular asses were more then rude in the email.

  7. LOL. Congrats!

  8. OH, I agree. You TOTALLY SUCK. Let me know how the hair braiding goes.

  9. This is my first visit to your blog. Have to say, the title is what brought me in. LUV it! I’ll be back!

    I’ve just started blogging and I had a teenager give me what for. Does that count? LOL. Well, anyway, I was amused.

  10. congrats on your troll.

  11. as a total stranger I am completely qualified to say you SUCK. so much that I’ve got your blog in my RSS reader, so I can hate you EVERY DAY.
    where is the comment? what entry is it on?? i wish I had a troll :/

  12. You’re kinda lucky that your ‘mean’ comment wasn’t too mean. I’ve had one bad comment in almost 2 years. I didn’t even see it right away because it ended up in the spam comments. I had written a post venting about how hard it was to give nebulizer treatments to my youngest two kids (then 3 and 18 mos.) and also that I thought it was stupid that we had to BUY a nebulizer machine, rather than just renting one for the week or so we’d need one. The troll left a comment saying that I was an ungrateful bitch and there are a lot of people out there who don’t have insurance so I should just shut my fat mouth, and that I had made her so sick with my whining that she couldn’t even finish the post.
    It hurt my feelings a lot. But after re-reading the post a dozen times, I realized her comment had very little to do with what I’d actually written. So I called her an illiterate whore. (Out loud, not in an email.) And then I deleted her comment.
    Trolls suck.
    And so do you.

  13. I really just started blogging about a month and a half ago and then had the great idea to invite some trolls to pick a fight with me. I’m bright like that.

    Needless to say, the battle was messy and in the end very tiresome, but I got more readers in the aftermath than I’d ever had before. Thanks, you dirty trolls!

    You can witness my super-short battle on my About page, if you’re interested. I managed to confine them there. I actually got a lot more trolling comments but deleted a bunch of them that were just banal.

    Oh, and you stink.

  14. That’s what keeps me coming back, Princess–your self absorbtion. It’s alway about you, isn’t it? Thbbbt! Way to roll with the punches, and congratuations on coming of age.

  15. Congrats I guess! LOL!

  16. I’ve never received a mean comment and while I don’t want to beg for them I’m kind of like “dude, you’re just not important enough for anyone to say anything nasty to you” which kind of feels like 7th grade all over again in some sick way.

    Now that you’ve gotten that one not so nice comment do you want more?

  17. Ha! Congratulations!

    My most recent troll comment was simply “Your retarded”.


    I couldn’t stop giggling.

  18. I’ve gotten two mean comments — one implying I was bigoted towards Christians (uh… not last I checked, though I do have a sense of humor about the whole thing), and one saying I needed to clean my apartment. Which, well, I did, but that’s not the point.

    Anyway, I think you’re a stuck-up snot.

    Not really, but does that make you feel better?

  19. Congratulations on arriving! Here’s to many more trolls 😉

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