Happy Four Year Blog Anniversary to Me, Now With Prizes. Well, A Prize.

Today is my four year blog anniversary.  To which I say: HOLY GOODNIGHT! I can’t hardly believe I have been pounding this shiznit out for four freaking years.

Cue sappy overwrought waxing on:

But seriously. For me, this blog is no different from any of the other really important things in my life.  I look around and I feel a little chill run through me when I think about my life without it.

This blog has brought me kindred spirits, and I am someone who does not find kindred spirits easily.  It has made me a better writer.  It has been a lifeline for me, pulling me through baby jail and emotional breakdowns galore and all the doubt and worry one girl could spill out onto a keyboard.  There were times it gave me a reason to wake up in the morning.

I am someone who HAS to write.  Things come to me and I need to get them out.  And having a place to do that feels like a miracle, on a daily basis.  And I am profoundly grateful that anyone, anyone, reads and thinks about and comments on what I have to say, ever.

More than anything else, though, the  first four years of this blog is now, and will always be, one of my proudest accomplishments.  I look back through my archives and there are entire months I didn’t post, especially in the beginning.  There is some really badly written drivel, some meaningless things I thought were so funny at the time.  But there are some things I am thrilled to have written.  And having written those words makes me proud.

Anyway, thank you.  Thank you for being you, and reading, and commenting, and being there while I do this crazy internet thing every day.

End sappy overwrough waxing on.

And now, for the good stuff! Just as a way to say thank you for being so awesome and never poiint out my excessive use of the word awesome, I am giving away a Blogging Anniversary Prize! How awesome!

You get to choose one of four carefully selected prizes:

1. A $50 Itunes gift certificate, in honor of the fact that in one of the first very bad posts I wrote I quoted Axl Rose.

2. A $50 Anthropologie gift certificate, because you all know how I feel about Anthropologie and their overpriced skirts and cabinet hardware.

3. A $50 donation to Special Olympics, in honor of my sister.

4. Or a $50 donation to the presidential campaign of Barack Obama, in honor of my proud leftist leanings.

Anyway, all you have to do to enter is leave me a comment – and ask me a question, whatever you want, something you’ve always wondered about me or something you made up right this very second to win a prize.  Ask me what my favorite kind of jam is, I don’t care, but comment anytime between today, Tuesday the 9th, and Tuesday the 16th, and ask me a question, and you could win.  Because lord knows if I am giving away a $50 gift certificate to Anthropologie instead of spending it on my own awesome self, I WILL be getting some blog fodder out of the deal.

Anyway, I will draw one number randomly next Wednesday and then if you win, you can choose your prize!

And again.  Once more, with feeling.

Thank you.

Now spread the word! Or don’t, if you want to increase your chances of winning.


46 Responses

  1. No chance of #1 being picked, but whatever.

    What book do you love, but are sort of embarassed to admit to?

  2. What is a weird thing that irritates you?

  3. Delurking for a prize – how bad is that! Love your writing.

  4. Who does your hair?

    BTW — because we’re married, does that mean I’m disqualified for the prize???

  5. Oh! I love this! (Happy Anniversary by the way.)

    Do you have any nicknames (for Elizabeth) that you like?

  6. Happy Bogiversary to you!

    Who is the historical figure you most wish had written a blog?

  7. Happy 4th Spawniversary of your Blog!

    What do you want to be when you grow up? (I still want to be a ballerina, so I figure we all still have some sort of lofty goal in our minds.)

  8. Do you have your drivers license yet?

    Also, I think you hit the nail on the head with blogs – in any blog there might be a lot of crap, but now and again people write just pure gold and it just kicks total ass.

  9. Happy happy 4 year blogoversary!! Thats quite a feat 🙂 I’m so glad I finally found your blog, I always enjoy reading!

    So….do you like the black or the white side of a black and white cookie?

    In all seriousness, if you could have ANYONE guest blog who would it be and why?

  10. are you a dog person or a cat person?

  11. Happy Blog Anniversary!

    What would be your Desert Island Top 5 books?

  12. Hmmmm I discovered your blog a few months ago and it quickly became one of my goto blogs (the first one). My question has to do with your “measly 3 mile runs”. I aspire to reach 3 miles (without stopping lol) how did you start and reach 3 miles?

  13. I have to know what is behind the whole no DL thing! How do you avoid that for so long? My sister waited until she was 18 and it blew me away. Hopefully, this isn’t like traumatic memory based, or then I’ll feel like a big old bitch.

  14. dang it! slynnro stole my question!

    um, would it be weird and stalkerish if i stole your haircut? i mean, not off your head or anything but if i printed out a picture of someone i don’t actually know in real life and took it to my haircuttery and said, do that – would it be weird?

    a bonus “real” question:
    did you keep your old written-out journals or burn them?

    i’m leaning toward the latter because they’re so SOO bad but part of me thinks they won’t be so bad later on and might be funny. thoughts?

  15. I think quoting Axl Rose is perfectly acceptable. There have been many times in my life where I’ve said –

    I see you standin’ there
    You think you’re so cool
    Why don’t you just…
    Fuck off!

    (From “It’s so easy”)

    Love the Gunners. So wrong. Yet…so right.

  16. I can’t think of a snappy question. Isn’t that lame?

    Heh. heh. Get it?

    Oh! I did it again. Two questions! Did you see that?

    But really, uh…I am so glad you blog because you are funny and poignant and brilliant and stylish and I am not even just tooting your horn.

    So. How’s it feel to be so awesome? Fer realz.

    And…what IS your favorite kind of jam?

    And…if you have a crumb on the table and you break it in half do you have two crumbs or two halves of crumbs?

  17. I just found you and I’m loving that you love the Trailblazers! (I’m from Portland)

    So, my question is…Why do you love them? They’re hard to love lately!

  18. I want to know how we did not meet at BlogHer. It is probably because I am horrible at recognizing people. I’m guessing you are too? Maybe we ate together and did not know?

    I sure hope not.

  19. Congrats on the four year anniversary!

    What is the one thing you can’t believe you wrote about on this blog? If you had to do it over again, would you!

  20. Happy Blogiversary!!!! Awesome committment to blogging?

    Who is your favorite actor/actress?

  21. Has this blog ever prompted any weird/awkward/total foot-in-mouth moments IRL?

    That’s like my biggest fear of starting my own blog!
    Who’s gonna read that shiz and hunt me down?!

  22. First Happy Blogoversary!
    Second What is the most pleasing site for your eye?

  23. Happy anniversary!

    If you could do another degree, what subject would you choose?

  24. What’s your most favorite blog post that you’ve done, ever?

    What’s your most prized possession? (note: husbands and children are NOT possessions in this case. Or in any case, actually. I’m talking material items here.)

    So if I have two questions, does that double my chance of winning? Oh wait, that’s three.

    And while I’m asking: if I win, can I split my donation 50/50 between Special Olympics and Obama?

  25. Whats your favorite iPod?

  26. Happy Blogiversary!!!!

    I just started reading you yesterday and fell in love! (Ahem, not really but close! Maybe if you were a guy…) Okay, now I sound weird…

    Ummm… branching out on casualtech’s question… what is your (current) favorite song, as in one that has come out this year? Or if you don’t have one what’s a classic one that you can go back to and go “I love this song!”

  27. You are such a great writer – you really inspire me.

    What are your top 10 favorite songs of all time?

  28. Wait – I am commenting again to let you know that I gave you an award on my site today. Go check it out ~

  29. I have only commented once before, but I am a regular reader.

    What tunes are playing on your iPod now that you have started running again?

  30. Ooh, rewards!

    Did you use a walker for your son?

  31. Happy anniversary! I feel like I started reading your blog forever ago (a post about breastfeeding, I think?) and even then you had a huge archive. It took me 3 days to go through it all! No I’m not a stalker, why do you ask? Anyway, you are an awesome writer, and your blog is so good.

    Now, on to the questions:

    how, HOW, do you keep running? I have tiny short legs and a squat body, and sad lungs and I hit the mother of all walls at around mile 2.5. I finished a 5k last month, but really want to do a 10K next spring- how do you train? what are your favorite songs on the ipod? how do you push through?

  32. oh jesus christ- someone already beat me to the ipod song question. I should be disqualified.

  33. Happy Blogoversary! Or however you spell it…

    I’m fresh out of questions, but wanted to comment anyway.

    Your previous post about your sister touched my heart. It’s got to be heart-wrenching every time you have to make a major decision that affects a family member.

    As you can probably tell, I’m a fairly new reader, but I sure am glad I found you.

  34. Happy Anniversary!

  35. Blogging is awesome. I totally agree.

    What is your favorite part of having an Etsy shop? What’s the worst part of it?

    What are your current favorite baby names? (You can take a total pass on this question if you like to keep that kind of info close so no one steals them.)

    When you were a child, what was your favorite color? meal? stuffed animal?

    Did/do you play a musical instrument?

    How icky will a person feel if they choose a gift certificate over a donation to worthy causes?

  36. Happy blogiversary! 4 YEARS!?!? YAY!

    My question….How’s your running been going?

  37. What advice do you have a for someone who is going to have a baby soon… like maybe in less than 8 weeks?

  38. What other stores do you like to buy clothes from? Happy anniversary!

  39. Happy blogiversary! Since you are married to a geologist, what is you favorite rock?

  40. I’m a relatively new reader, so I apologize if you’re written this in an older post.

    Who are your top 5 blog writers and why?

  41. Coke or Pepsi?

    (There is a right and wrong answer, you know. )

  42. Okay, here’s my question: WHY would you have a contest with multiple equally awesome prizes, and expect a person to choose among them? That’s just plain cruel.

    Also, what is your favorite kind of jam?

    Happy anniversary.

  43. Just found your site.Love it have put in on my favorites.

  44. I just found your site.
    I want to know: why is it SO MUCH HARDER to lose weight the second (or third) time around? why does the body stop with the cooperating?

  45. What was your favorite birthday or Christmas present ever?

  46. congrats on providing the blogging world with vicarious experiences for four years! When do you do your best blogging? Naptime? Late at night?

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