The Story of My Life

Some things I am thinking about.

Lately I have had the hankering to go back to school.  On practical days I know I should go back and get my masters in library science, or marketing, or journalism.  All of those things would mean when I finished I could graduate and get a non soul sucking job doing something I am genuinely interested in.  Not to mention we’d probably never have to balance the checkbook.

But none of those things are my DREAM.   They are not what I think of when I think “I could be anything I want.”

What I really want to do is get my MFA in Creative Writing, preferably at a school I have almost no chance of getting into, in a state I live nowhere near.  It’s totally impractical, but it’s my dream. It’s MY dream.

In the meantime I read your blogs and I am so inspired by all the amazing incredible writing, and on Wednesday night I read this and then I read this and then I swept my kitchen floor and as I knelt over the dustpan it came to me, and I thought to myself that I am being stupid, that I am afraid and I have no ideas and I can argue myself and everyone else out of it till the cows come home and I have so very many good reasons why it won’t work but dammit. I am going to write a book.  I am going to eke it out in my spare time and it will probably be very very bad, and it may never get published and it may cost me money instead of making me money, but you know what? It’s what I can do about my dream today. And at the end of the road, I want to look up and I want to see my name on a spine sitting there on my bookshelf.  And I know I can do it. I know I can.

My mom used to get her hair done at Marshall Fields all the time when I was growing up.  It always took a long time and cost a ton of money because, well, let’s just say that I have no idea what her actual natural hair color is.  Anyway, sometimes she would take my sister with her, to get her hair trimmed, and one time they went together and as they were walking in, my sister saw a sign on the salon door advertising perms, and turned to my mom and said “I’m going to get a perm today.” And my mom, in her usual distracted way, said “Oh, Annie, I don’t think so, not today” and Annie turned to her and said, quick as that “Well, I DO think so, and I’m a gonna.”

I DO think so. And I’m gonna write a book.

Keep an eye out.


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  1. Good for you. Also, how funny to think of not knowing your mom’s natural hair color.

  2. Good for you. I will be looking for it.

  3. Let me know if you want someone to read as you go. Or just let me know when it’s written 🙂

  4. Yay! Let me know when it’s ready, I’ll put in my preorder on

  5. It takes so much courage to do the scary thing that you want to do, but it will be so so worth it. If anyone can write a book, it’s you.

  6. You should do itttttttt! Apply to the school, they accept you, and decide that you can write the book without them! 😉

  7. I’ll put in a preorder too! 🙂

    I consider all those SAME EXACT “career” options…and yesterday I STILL found myself musing over MFA programs. Those darned expensive MFAs. Have you thought of Warren Wilson? Great school, low res. In NC.

  8. Not everyone enjoys it (*cough*), but is a great thing to jump-start a book. Their basic idea is JUST KEEP WRITING—and if it’s crap, you can fix it from a 50,000-word standpoint, which is more encouraging than trying to fix it on page one.

  9. yay for writing a book!

  10. Cheers to your book-to-be!

  11. Way to go! I can’t wait to see it happen-because it can and will!

  12. Coolio. I will order a copy, or barter it for some mugs 🙂

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