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Remember my Blogiversary contest? I actually did pick a winner, I swear, I didn’t just make all that up and buy myself a present, although I did sort of want to, because I am a bad person.  A very bad person. Anyway, the winner was Rachel and I hope she got the Anthropologie gift card I sent her…Rachel?  Also, Rachel does not have herself a blog but she does have 1. an awesome sister and 2. a super cute two year old, so I fully support her decision to buy herself some fancy $50 Anthropologie earrings because she totally deserves them.  Sometimes a lady just needs some sparkle in her life. Especially anyone who is a mom of a two year old.

I have a raging case of writer’s block, which is conveniently timed with the start of 31 for 21 on October 1st.  That would be tomorrow.  That means I’ll be posting every day in October, and you can look forward to reading even more self centered drivel than normal about how I can’t think of anything to write and how much I hated the sucky sucky Trader Joe’s Gluten Free Brownies (oh holy hell, NOT GOOD), and about how my mood has shifted from cranky to lacking the energy even to talk about how cranky I am and how it feels like I’m slowly being smothered by a heavy lead dentist blanket. Fun! Times!

I still haven’t chosen a paint color for my living room, or knobs for my cabinet.  I did decide that the cabinet was too blue so I threw some red crap in there and it looks a lot better.  Obvs this necessitated searching for more red trinkety hoo ha for hours on Etsy. And I’m not done yet! Go me!

Remember my quandary of the duvet covers?  Couldn’t figure out what I wanted?  I ordered one (below)

and it was ok.  In theory it fulfilled all the requirements, it didn’t clash with my curtains and Mr. E did not hate it. It gave my bedroom a nice mellow modern look.  It’s a much nicer green in person.  And it wasnt too girly.  However, I will be honest and say that I didn’t love it.

Then I found this duvet cover

and it went against all the requirements I was looking for and I bought it anyway, instantly, because I loved it from the moment I first laid eyes on it. I just got it and put it on my bed today and it is the duvet cover of my heart.  It have the strong urge to cuddle it. Now we have two duvet covers which means that one can be on the bed and one can be washed and I know, you never knew how exciting life could be until you read about my two duvet covers.  I know, I know.

Mr. E and I actually went and did something without! our! child! this weekend and it was A. Freaking. Mazing.  Despite  the ass hattery use of cell phone cameras and my general dislike of crowds.  This picture doesn’t do it justice, but I will never forget this for as long as I live.

It was like being in church, the forest, and heaven, all at the same time.  If only I had taken a picture of it on my cell phone! Ass hats.

We visited an open house while we were walking around San Francisco, and while on the one hand, the price was so high (900K for a 2/1) that I felt no pangs of “I wish this were mine”.  On the other hand, I couldn’t help it, I did make some unfavorable comparisons between the decor and my own.  The perfect crown  molding and the perfect chair rails and the cove ceilings and the expensive furniture sort of got to me.  Although it swung a tidge towards “old person who shops at Eddie Bauer” for my taste, it was just so NICE and CLEAN and Pottery Barnish.   Mr. E pointed out that any ahole with a charge card can turn pages in a catalog and say “I’ll take this, I’ll take this, and I’ll take this” but let’s be honest, we are rocking the garage sale chic hard at our house, and some times I can successfully give myself the pep talk about how true style takes time and actual people LIVE in our house and some of our future plans are pretty good, but other days I wonder if it just takes a checkbook and a professional to make things look how I want them to.

I haven’t started my Pulitzer reading list but I’m reading The Gathering, which is on the Booker Prize List, and it’s not going well.  It’s great writing, but boring AND creepy. A rather non magical combination, if I do say so myself.

Also, I have written exactly 0 words on my book I vowed to write, so that’s going well. I am actually percolating an idea, though, despite the fact that it’s not a good one.  My real problem is that I just want to write Prep.  And yet, someone’s already written it! Sucks to be me, eh?


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  1. Seeing how we have the same couch it should come as no suprise to you that I am considering buying the same duvet! I saw it last week and I love it, too!

  2. Was Prep good? I started it and stopped it for some insane reason, but maybe I should pick it up again.

    Rachel was so excited to win that!

  3. re: decor, i think that if you want a very sterile picture perfect magazine house, then yes, a charge card will do the trick. And don’t think that sometimes I don’t LONG for that perfect Pottery Barn look (it seems so calming, so organized). But true style happens over time by collecting pieces that you truly love and building from that. Still at what point do you cross the line between having mostly a bunch of “stuff” that fills a purpose and, let’s face it, doesn’t match and having it all come together? Is it money, is it time, is it the ability to purge, having a vision??? I wish i knew, because right now I feel like I’m in that mismatchy limbo, and Pottery Barn’s looking pretty good.

  4. The second duvet makes me long for my chair. OMG I want my chair so bad!

    The blue red combo is what I am rocking in my living room with my coffee table/rug so I think that is awesome!

    I totally feel you on crank with a side of warmed over ass. I didn’t even bother posting today because of it. *hug*

  5. I love Prep.

    Love. It.

  6. The duvet cover of your heart. I know just what you mean.

  7. Ooh, I loved Prep. I saw Curtis Sittenfeld do a reading of it at a high school for the arts here in our town. She signed my copy of the book. Awesome.

    Congrats on the duvet cover. I mean covers. Bummer about the brownies. But yay for the night out!

  8. I got it! I just sent you an email…didn’t seem right to just confirm with a comment. And I LOVE the second duvet cover. LOVE IT!

  9. I’m so glad you got to go to that exhibit. I adored it. I sat in that room with the ceiling flowers for at least twenty minutes.

  10. i love you.
    Um..I mean…I look forward to reading 31 days of self-satisfied drivel if it means more of this.

  11. That’s so weird. Last night I had a dream that someone I know had moved to San Francisco and I was insanely jealous. Like passionate burning fury jealous. And I didn’t know until that dream how much I want to live in S.F.! Weird….

    My friend gave me Prep for my birthday and it was quite gripping. Have you read her latest novel- the take on George W. and Laura? I have not yet. I don’t know if I’m interested. Wait where was I going with this? Oh yeah- I think you could write something way more awesome than Prep. Totally.

  12. I love that pic, actually.

  13. Good luck with the book writing. I used to have that idea and then I moved it to #1 on the list of Dumbest Ideas I’ve Ever Had. It takes me 1.5 – 2 hours to write a paragraph for an EN 101 essay. Writing a novel for publication? Would take me into the next millennium.

    And um… I shop at Eddie Bauer. Sometimes. But I never claim to be trendy or fashionable. I’m jealous of people like you who have taste.

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