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  1. “You touch my gourd, and you die.”

    What a great look!

  2. so freaking cute! even when he’s giving the camera the evil eye!

  3. Aw! He’s adorable. And he looks older since I saw him in July.

  4. This photo is priceless- and it’s begging to be captioned! “yes, yes, you say it’s a pumpkin, but what is it REALLY?”

  5. Ahahahaha! I love it!

  6. he looks so much bigger in these last two photos – grow baby grow!

  7. Oh, HA HA HA HA HA! Love it!

  8. Oh, one more thing…he looks about the same size as my son, who is 23 months old. My son was born two months early, but has always been in good health. He wears size 2T onesies that are a little loose, and can still wear 12 month jeans (Okay, really just the supercute Gymboree jeans with the little fox on them that I love too much to stop dressing him in.) Maybe your son is like mine and is just small. Stil, fingers crossed for you guys. He looks just perfect to me.

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