This boring and lame 21 for 31 post is brought to you by Senor Pants, who was up every hour on the hour last night.

I am simply too tired to post anything of substance, except for these three facts:

1. I am totally over Project Runway – I don’t care who wins anymore.  I am, however, dying for Top Chef to start up again, because I have decided that every week I will cook one thing that sounds good from each episode. Gluten free too! Doesn’t that sound fun? I’ll let you know how it goes.

2. Up until a few months ago, I can’t lie, I thought Alaska was an island. And to be fair, it doesn’t touch the United States, and on a lot of maps, it appears to be sort of an island. Like floating out there on it’s own? No? Mr. E informs me that for certain, it isn’t an island, but I remain somewhat unconvinced.

3. I just realized, the other day, that the Burger King sign is in the shape of a hamburger.



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  1. huh….BK sign is a hamburger???

    I just found out last year that the SLEEP function on alarm clocks is to listen to the radio for a set time before you go to sleep – not to push in the morning so you can go back to sleep for an extended period of time. Not to be confused with SNOOZE – which only lets you go back to sleep for a little while! Seriously.

  2. um I hate to admit it…but until recently I thought alaska was an island too

  3. I had NO idea about the BK, I DID know about Alaska (but I also lived there and, hey, at least there ARE islands WITHIN Alaskan borders), and yeah PR is kinda lame this year. I am so not as into it as I have been in the past.

  4. Ha, that’s funny re Alaska. At least it’s not dangerous. When my sister was learning to drive she used to do this thing where she would unknowingly put the car on cruise control as she would turn on the turn signal. So, she would take her foot of the gas but the car would zip around the corner at the same speed, much to the concern of all us passengers. There is a lot of really important info out there that just evades some of us. Feel no shame!

  5. Well, and you know what else sits right next to Alaska and looks EXACTLY LIKE AN ISLAND on maps? HAWAII. Stupid maps.

  6. Until my first year of college I was convinced that rivers could only flow south because they had to follow the curve of the earth. Since “south” is also “down,” you know?

    And to think I became a geologist…

  7. Inspired partially by you, I started gluten free on Friday (again, though this time FOR SERIOUS) and magically, all my problems ARE RESOLVED. What are you eating these days?

  8. I didn’t become talented at reading other people until I started writing serious, extensive fanfiction.

    Yes, I’m ashamed.

  9. I can’t WAIT for Top Chef!!!!

  10. If only Alaska was a tropical island like Hawaii (I’m from just south of there originally).

  11. I love, love, LOVE, Top Chef. Your plan is daunting. Those recipes are serious. I can’t wait to see how they turn out in real life.

  12. oh honey, no. no. Alaska’s totally attached… but it has a bunch of islands too!

    p.s. here’s a fun tidbit- sarah palin can’t possibly ever have physically seen Russia as she has repeatedly claimed. There is only one remote island in Alaska from which you can see Russia, and she’s never been on it.

  13. I totally didn’t know the BK one. And I recently learned that the island of Bermuda is just off the coast of NC (the state in which I have resided…oh, my ENTIRE life). Which started me seriously worrying about the Bermuda Triangle again, even though I had given it NO thought since I was about 12 and learned it existed.

  14. that’s okay.

    i learned that you use a staple remover on the back AND the front of a staple just in the past year…you know, instead of just ripping through the front and leaving a gaping hole.

    minor, i know but considering how OFTEN i use a staple remover on a daily basis, you’d think i’d know that.

  15. I just realized just now that the burger king sign is shaked like a burger.

  16. OK, this has nothing to do with your post……but being a nosy new guest on your blog I skipped back to a post many moons ago when you wrote about giving birth to your son b/c I’m currently 25 weeks pregnant with my first & I also just have a really boring job that allows time for such things. Holy Crap!!!! That was good. You inspired me to investigate natural birth. Mind you, I said investigate. I don’t plan to throw all that medical technology out the window just yet. But I am going to look into it….. I just wish I had broken an arm or something equally painful in the past. I’ve never KNOWN any real pain. Anyway, kudos on the great birth story!

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