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SLynnRo asked what I am eating now in the comments to my last post (also, yeah! I’m not the only one who thought Alaska was an island! We should form a club! I’ll be the Vice President!) and I thought I would answer in blog form since lord knows I need all the blog fodder I can get these days. Posting something every day is getting really old. Especially when I am just not in the mood to write about my feeeeeelings these days.


The good news is that if you do have a gluten allergy or Celi@c Disease there are A LOT of things you can eat, and you will find yourself putting a lot less processed, boxed foods in your grocery cart. The bad news is that you’re probably going to have to cook.  And you will find yourself putting a lot less processed, boxed food in your cart. Canned soup is no longer your friend.  However, you might find out that soup you cook yourself tastes a million times better than anything you can buy in a can.

I like to think of how I am eating now as the South Beach version of Atkins.  I try to eat low fat, high protein, but I do eat rice and potatoes.

I am also trying not to eat a bunch of weird fake gluten free food – with some exceptions, I would just rather not have the cookies or the cupcakes.  I’m trying to embrace the direction this is taking me and eat less processed food, so replacing those things with things that probably don’t taste as good and are just as processed seems off to me.

Right now I am still in the gathering food/finding out what makes me sick/looking for information/buying new cookbooks/checking out gluten free blogs phase of things.  I am still trying to stick to our food budget of $600 a month, but when you’re replacing all kinds of cheap foods (wheat flour, pasta, sandwich bread, granolar bars) with gluten free food that costs four or five times as much (rice flour, rice pasta, gluten free bread, Lara Bars) it gets really expensive really quickly.

I’ve been switching up my grocery shopping a little bit – Trader Joes has a great list of all the gluten free foods they carry, but our $600 isn’t going far enough when we shop there exclusively.  Safeway and Whole Foods have a lot of gluten free stuff as well, but again, I can’t afford to shop there all the time when I am sticking to a budget and have also had to replace half my pantry.  We treked out to Winco this weekend and stocked up on some simpler basics, fresh fruit and veggies and dairy and eggs, and that saved a lot of money, so I think we’ll eventually make one big trip to Winco every month, and supplement that with trips to Whole Foods, Trader Joes, the gluten free store in town, the farmer’s market, and the asian grocery store.

I also really like this cookbook, and the Glutino mixes Mr. E found at Safeway for pizza crust and muffins. But again, at $6 a pop, those aren’t really budget choices.

Anyway, here’s what I’ve been eating:

Breakfast:  RIce Chex with milk; 2% greek yogurt with fruit and McCann’s oats, unsalted sunflower seeds, flax seeds, and honey; egg whites or avocado on toasted gluten free bread from Trader Joes; gluten free hot cereal (Bob’s Red Mill from Whole Foods) with chopped apricots; omelets; and coffee.

Lunch: God only Knows. Lunch is hard for me.  Um, frozen indian food from Trader Joes dumped over brown rice and green beans; salads; leftovers; canned chili from Trader Joes; yogurt and fruit (see above); Rice Chex; a Lara Bar; avocado and tomato and turkey; tuna salad;

Gluten Free Dinner Ideas – I keep this list on my refrigerator: (let me know if you want recipes). .Also, please don’t assume we eat this way every night, last night I had corn chips, cheese, green taco sauce and a yogurt for dinner.  Chicken with mango salsa and coconut rice; hungarian goulash with pork shoulder served with rice and sour cream; roast chicken or pork tenderloin with risotto and green veg; zuchinni tomato torta (like lasagna but with zuchinni instead of noodles); chicken, corn, zuchinni and squash baked with spaghetti sauce; spicy beef, peppers, and bok choy served over rice; beef bok choy hot pot with rice noodles; salmon with pineapple jalapeno relish; steak, green beans, and soba noodles; spaghetti squash with walnut pesto; souvlaki; indian curried okra served with raita and green beans and cucumbers; vegetarian korma with rice; bulgogi; quick curried beef with broccoli and rice; brocolli with spicy balsamic dressing, olives, and pine nuts; broiled yogurt ginger chicken breast, mushroom rice pilaf, and cucumber salad; chicken tonette, black beans and rice; salsa yogurt chicken served over rice; grilled chicken salad; indian spiced tomato soup; gazpacho without the bread; mediterranean vegetable salad; seafood ceasar salad with rice bread croutons; romaine hearts with tuna and edamame; spicy bbq shrimp and rice; tropical shrimp, grilled, and rice; bouillabaise; grilled shrimp salad; asian turkey meatballs in lettuce cups with rice noodles; sausage, red sauce, and mushrooms over polenta; spaghetti squash and chicken meatballs; tofu, curry or indian sauce, veggies, and rice; stir fry with rice noodles; pork chops, apples, potatoes, and salad; buckwheat noodle salad; enchiladas with corn tortillas, tostadas; scalloped potatoes and ham using rice flour; chili and baked potatoes; thai beef salad; shish ka bobs, rice; beef stew; lentil curry with tomatoes and spinach; salmon over stir fried greens; roasted veggies with a poached egg on top; flank steak with roasted potatoes and veggies; chicken salad with chickpeas and raita; south african chicken stew served over rice; tagine; bean thread noodles with beef; napa cabbage pork or chicken salad; turkey burgers wrapped in iceberg lettuce and yam fries; quinoa with cold marinated veggies; curried carrot soup; black bean soup; vegetable soup; butternut squash soup; prosciutto wrapped chicken breast, green beans, and whipped sweet potatoes; asian noodle cups; chicken lettuce wraps; spring rolls; bbq chicken, slaw, and watermelon; crispy tofu with peanut sauce and peppers; turkey kofta and grilled zuchinni; jerk marinated tofu and grilled corn and tomato salad; caprese salad; satay and brocolli; white beans, sausage and kale; tom yum soup with chicken or tofu; black bean salad; israeli salad; green bean, tomato and kidney bean salad; fruit salsa over chicken or steak; squash and sausage; beef curry and coconut rice; chicken baked in coconut sauce; dijon chicken stew with kale and potatoes; veggie slaw; parmesan chicken and rice; eggs in spicy tomato sauce; napa cabbage sauteed with ginger and garlic and topped with salmon; salmon, spinach and toasted pecans; chicken with cherry marsala sauce; curried cashew, pear and grape salad;

Dessert:  sf Jello pudding with Cool Whip; gummy bears; gluten free cookies from TJ’s; apples baked with cinnamon and sugar; Lindt Chocolate.  It turns out that cheap American chocolate makes me sick.  What can I say? My guts are high class.


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  1. Frittata’s would probably be a nice lunch option for you. If you add rice, shopped chicken, and whatever leftover vegetable’s you happen to have they’re really filling and you can serve it for a couple meals. There’s a few different recipes on foodnetwork.com (I like the one from everyday italian as a base, but i generally end up changing all the ingredients)

  2. holy toledo, that’s a long list of dinner choices! i don’t eat that many different things EVER, and i can eat normal stuff. i’m impressed!

  3. I am in awe of your dinner options. I really need to get out of my rut.

  4. That is an impressive list! Giving me some tasty ideas.

  5. Lara bars are the shiznit. Jackson eats them often.

  6. I was making these cookies tonight and thinking of you. They are gluten-free (assuming you check your brands) and a family favorite. You’re doing such a good job with all the healthy eating choices though, I hate to even tell you about them! Maybe just a good recipe to have on hand for a special occasion??


  7. Last time I checked, Lindt milk and dark chocolates had barley malt. Only the white chocolate was GF. It’s been a few years, have they changed the ingredients?

  8. Thanks for sharing your information.

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