Garage Sale

Garage sales are sort of inherently awkward, aren’t they? Strangers walk up to your house and paw through your things, probably criticize them or touch them and put them back, and you sit and watch them and make halting conversation and hope they buy something.  Luckily for Mr. E he didn’t get the awkward gene, he loves nothing more than awkward small talk, especially if it it’s with old people.  I should wake Senor Pants up, he’d be a great ice breaker while people fondle my old napkins and try to bargain me down on that file cabinet.  Although I am waiting for my first drive by on how small he is –  the longer we go without one the longer I can convince myself he’s not THAT small.  1% in the house!

Ok, it’s way to early to be blogging, clearly. And there’s the baby. Send big money thoughts my way, and pray Mr. E doesn’t have to pee a bunch of times or something.  If I have to deal with the awkward I’m liable to start chucking the shit in the street.


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  1. Good luck. I could never have a garage sale because I can’t count back change. If the P-Dawg had to go inside the house to pee, I’d be royally screwed. But I have a feeling that I would love your junk!

  2. I’m with you sista – my philosophy is to try to avoid all conversation and just get rid of the junk! Especially when people try to bargain you down on a $1 item – gah!

    We stopped by a few garage sales this summer and every time my son felt the need to loudly announce, “Well, let’s go! This stuff is all crap!”

  3. Yes, they are all judging you. Those people touching your things are making assumptions and judgments about how you live. I love going to garage sales!
    Some beautiful and wicked funny posts.

  4. Good luck. Try to have fun. And make some moolah!

  5. I was at a garage sale once and described everything as crap and tried to leave before making eye contact with anyone since I couldn’t tell who the owner was. All of a sudden an old friend from high school called out my name and was like “hey you came to my garage sale.” Awwwkward. Hope you rake in the money today.

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