Hallway Before

Every home improvement project needs a good before picture, right?

Here’s the before shot of the hallway.  I should have taken a true before picture – I just ripped up the nasty vinyl flooring that had been laid on top of the floor, but you can see it in all of its hideousness in the last picture.

The wood floors are pretty beat up, obvs, and were apparently painted white at some time, but I am surprisingly not that concerned about that.  I would choose authentically beat up floors, with scars and marks and painterely bits and all of that over brand new floors any day.  This house is almost a hundred years old and to me the floors are the soul of the house – they hold the story of all that happened here before.  Little kids have been playing in this entry way since 1935 –  how cool is that?

This room will eventually also get a new light fixture, a new closet door made of actual wood, a new front door 1. made of actual wood 2. not hung upside down and 3. that is an actual exterior door.  We’re also going to add a wooden screen door (I hate that metal screen door with the fire of a thousand suns) and then paint both the front door and the screen door “sparkling garnet”.  And hopefully some day I’ll find a hall table that I like and can fill with trinketry.  We’re painting the walls yellow, and we’re also going to try to find some vintage doorknobs for the closet and front door.  I’m going to reframe my “Hello Fabulous” cards and hang a Peace Tile I found on Etsy.

Those blue tape marks on the wall are the heights of various hall tables I’ve been considering.  That bit of yellow on the wall is not the paint color we’ve chosen.  Neither are any of the paint swatches stuck on the wall.  Hee.

I also just realized it’s totally idiotic to refinish the floors before we paint.  So I guess that’s step one.  Yes?

I feel tired already.

I bet your floors are looking pretty good right about now, eh?


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  1. i don’t know…i’m thinking an upside-down front door adds some character to the place! no? ok well, hang your front door the normal boring way then! sheesh.

    looks like a fun project – small enough to actually get it done before the end of the millenium and without spending a billion dollars. sounds like some of your sparkle is coming back, too. yay!!

  2. Hey, I think it’s looking good too. I totally agree about the floors. Also…I have to say, I actually really like the look of a painted wood floor. It’s a nice cottage-y technique…so if you can’t wait to refinish it…. I’ve always been partial to white or light blue or gray wood floors. Or red. Heck…I like a few paint colors on wood. Can’t wait to see it all done! Such a cute space!

  3. I love home improvement projects! Although my problem is that I make decisions on the fly and never think them through all the way.

    I love older houses, too. The history is always fun to think about.

  4. I love older homes but not home improvement. Further evidence that I should continue to rent.

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