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Finally! The last day of 21 for 31. Awesomely enough, Tricia is RIGHT NOW having a little brother for Georgia, and I could not be more thrilled.  What a well behaved young man, to let his mom get in 31 of her posts and then decide to arrive!

Later on today Eli and I are going to take a walk in the rain, because last year at this time he couldn’t walk and this year at this time we are totally going to stomp in some puddles, which is one of the main reasons I had a kid to begin with, so we could walk in the rain and stomp in puddles on a day when the air seems somehow lit, just right, by all the yellow leaves on the ground.

And later I hope to finally get my salted caramel hot chocolate and then I am going to go “borrow” some osage oranges from the side of the road to pile decoratively around my house.  I heard these babies are going for $12 a pop in the big city.  Maybe I should plant an osage orange tree in my yard and go into business.

If things get really crazy I might hunt down some white house paint and paint the front porch trim.  And hopefully I will get to the Alameda Flea Market on Sunday but man, San Francisco and her crappy crappy weather is a pain in my ass.  Mr. E is from Michigan and he melts in the rain and despite all my reassurance regarding “Oregon Sunshine” I think he is worried that Eli also inherited his rain melting properties and so if it rains we aren’t going.  Instead we’ll lounge around the house hopped up on anti depressants (kidding, kidding) and left over halloween candy and I plan on investing in a large large bottle of (gluten free!) Maker’s Mark, just for kicks.

Here’s my meal plan for the next two weeks, since some of you expressed some interest.  Recipes where I have them are linked.

1.  Soba noodle salad with tofu or chicken

2. Crab if they have it with twice baked potatoes, or else shrimp of some kind, probably in lettuce cups with twice baked potatoes.

3. Some white fish something or other and almond green beans and brown rice pilaf

4. Pasta Fagioli soup, in my cast iron pot instead of a crock pot.

5.  turkey sausage, red sauce, peppers, chard, over polenta

6.  Turkey kefta with zuchinni

7.  Fajitas

8. Garlic and mustard glazed chicken, spinach salad, yam fries

9.  bbq chicken drumsticks, baked beans, cole slaw

10.  Napa cabbage salad

11.  Veggie lasagna sans noodles

12.  Gluten free gnocchi, big green salad

13.  Home made pizza (with gluten free crust)

14. Breakfast for dinner (gluten free pancakes, fruit salad, bacon).

Breakfast and Lunch Ideas:

irish oatmeal/poached egg on gf bread/yogurt and fruit/grapefruit

onigiri/tomato soup/salads/rice crackers and cottage cheese and an apple/tuna/avocado and toast and hummus/marinated salad/butternut squash soup/an egg cooked in tomato sauce with spinach

I am also going to attempt some gf lemon bars and some salted caramels, or else some caramel sauce to pour over ice cream or baked apples.


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  1. Can you tell me how you make your yam fries? I almost ALWAYS screw them up somehow.

  2. This sounds SO good. Um, can I hire you to cook for me? I’ll paint your porch in return!

  3. Yam fries. Yum fries is more like it!

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